Visual Stories: Surf/Skate Tracker in Happy Island, Virac, Catanduanes by Ian Icaranom



A 12-hour bus ride from Manila, 4-5-hour ferry boat ride, and 1 hour more land travel, you get to reach one of the most beautiful islands here in the Philippines. Catanduanes has been booming ever since the season of skate and surf, founded by the late Ezra Efondo, the Majestic Puraran.

Each year, people from other parts of the Philippines and around the world come to celebrate this boarding season.

This here was shared with us, about a person’s passion for board sports, specifically, downhill skate and surf. A good ride uphill is definitely a favor after a long slide from high hill sides going down. It’s all part of it. Yet Ian Icaranom, had this simple bike dream of having is own custom surf tracker, on a steady, workable budget.

Surf Tracker from Happy Island Virac, Catanduanes

Far from the city life, a fickle of what picks up from what is shared, it terms of having your own custom bike, was well adapted by board sport athlete Ian Icaranom. Imagine island life, yet nothing holds you to pick up the throttle and ride. What makes it seem so envious, Catanduanes is rich with long hillside pavement with breathtaking views of the beach and forests from above the mountain.

“..Being a person with the love for board sports, travelling is quite difficult. Carrying a surfboard and longboard on our way to our spot has always been a hard ride. I would be lucky when a friend brings along a ride and tags me along…” shared Ian.



“..I’ve always wanted to have my own surf tracker. But to own one means I’ll be having multiple holes in my pockets. My friend and I hopped from one store to another looking for motorcycles on sale (repo-motorcycles) but the prices are really out of hand. So, we decided to look for junked motorcycles instead. It was also a challenge to find a junked one that can still be restored…”


“..Luckily, one day on our way to Puraran, Baras, Catanduanes. One of our surf spots, we passed by a house with a parked motorcycle almost ready to be dumped. We asked the owner if we can buy it but he told us that the engine is no longer working and it will just cost me a lot to restore it…”


“..Longing to really have my own tracker the cheapest way possible, I risked on still buying it and hoping that the engine can still be salvaged. It was initially sold for 2000 pesos but because of my bargaining skills I was able to buy it for 1850!..”



“..After a week, we picked it up and brought it to a mechanic. After a month of repair, the engine worked! Good thing that the mechanic was a former schoolmate, I had the engine saved at a low cost. Engine is already working, next is customizing the whole body…”



“..I am indeed a very lucky badass surf tracker owner wannabe for being surrounded with very talented friends! One of my friends does painting job so well and agreed to paint my tracker in a very minimal cost. We had a hard time finishing it though because of the rainy weather…”



“..So it took us about 2 weeks to be able to finish painting and setting up the motorcycle again. After which, I had the seat and exhaust customized and the gas lines fixed again…”



“..In three-months time, a long lost dream came to life! There came my own surf tracker…”



When people ask mostly about, how costly it would take to make a dream bike into a reality, well the real answer for it is how much would you give for it. This is where we set aside an optimistic and a pessimistic mindset. It also applies to building your own bike. There will be pocket holes, but there is a set limitation that depends on your level of contentment.

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Words by Maki Aganon

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