Visual Stories: Rusi TS 125 Cafe Racer from Dumaguete



We all have our dreams to ride the perfect bike for us. For some reasons, we are more than proud to own rolling works of art, made up according to our own image and liking. We do have initial plans to start of projects, but sometimes end up not as it goes with the plan, and yet sometimes, we make better ones by accident.


Trial and Error on Available Resources | Rusi TS 125


Manrusces Flores Enot shared us this project that he was doing with his cousin before he left, to work in Korea. He also told us that he always loved to ride when he was still in Dumaguete and has dreams of custom bikes. Out of luck, the place was scarce with the parts he needed to start off with his bike mods, thus he resorted to readily available aftermarket pieces.




“..Together with my cousin, we initially started it and he had to finish the build because i already went abroad…” shared Manrusces.




“..Initially, I had an XT 250 frame, rear suspension and tank, so I was thinking to make trail bike, so we bought a beat up Rusi TC 125…”




“..When we got the unit, we removed the TC’s tank and replaced it with an XT tank. It looked good, that’s when I decided to make a cafe racer instead..”





“..The bike was finished around February last year..”






“..I have always loves driving motorcycles as Dumaguete is a motorcycle capital. Back then, not a lot lot of modifications can be done compared to these days..”




“..I started driving a motorcycle back in high school and wanted to convert my Yamaha V70 into an XRM look but parts weren’t available back then…”




“..Today, there are a lot of parts in the market, but also I am already married so this time a have to weasle some budget from my wife..still trying to convince her for a bigger displacement custom bike these days..


“..I hope this feature aids me somehow in convincing her..”






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Words by Maki Aganon