Visual Stories: Ret. United States Marine Corps and his ‘Astiging’ Custom Keeway Superlight 200



The Few. The Proud. The Astiging.

Sounds pretty intimidating when we think about the USMC (United States Marine Corps), when it all encompasses all attributions of the World War, Vietnam War, and all other types of war that you could actually think of. And it’s pretty much overwhelming, while thinking off every aspect imbued in this institution. What caught us by surprise, is we were able to encounter a USMC Retired Vet. that shares his wild passion to ride hard and rip the night out with his custom Keeway Superlight 200(450). Seems like a pretty dangerous person to talk with, so I had to be careful on what I had to say.




I tried to be as fluent as possible when I was talking to him, but to my surprise, is a fluent tagalog speaker. Jeff Paquin or ‘Pakin Jeffrox’ is what his local friends call him. For more or less that 10 years, he lives here in the Philippines. Found out that he was a really fun guy that goes on full details with his bike, talks more about his future mod plans and how to save up on aftermarket parts. Here is where things started to get light and he started sharing this story here of himself and his fun bobber and let me tried it out around.


“Jeffrox is what they call me here in the Philippines…or PAKIN Jeff! (Paquin is the last name.)”



Pakin Jeff’s Keeway Superlight 200cc

Jeff Paquin was quick to add that not all Americans are born rich. He came from a really poor family when he was at youth.

“..Flashback to 1977, 7 year old me gleams with excitement because my dad just gets back from the town landfill and sticking out of the trunk is a 60’s something Rupp 5hp front tire, flat back, bent forks and a seized piston..

“..Sabi ng tatay ko..Gusto mo to Jeffrey? Kaw bahala paandarin! (my dad says, Jeffrey if you want it, make it run)  I’ll teach you one time, after that its up to you..I’ve been a mods-na-tipid kinda guy ever since..”





“..If it’s beautiful and new, give it to me and I’ll be sure to ugly it up, make it fast and like no other..”





“..Its a Keeway Superlight 200. 200cc pushrod type little stroker. I’ve had many bikes in my life from the Rupp 5hp to Honda CR250R to Nighthawk 700s to VFR750. The Keeway is by far my favorite..”




“..With my no money spent modifications (Mods na Tipid), I get a whopping 140kph at 8500rpm.. She is light, agile, comfortable and unlike any others..”




“..The pics below show how it was and is now. My next move is to make a cowl around the back rider seat. What is in my head is a hybrid Café Racer/Bobber..the CafeBobber..”




“..P.S. The reason it says 450 on the side cover is so I don’t get pulled over on he local freeway here (400cc minimum) but is just a 200cc thumper.. Hope you can dig it..”






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Words by Maki Aganon