Robbie Madison’s ‘Pipe Dream’: Takes Surf and Motorcycle to a Whole New Level


Well, where do I start? This is one of the most insane thing to happen on both worlds, of Surf and Motorcycle.


Robbie ‘Maddo’ Maddison, the Australian motorbike stunt rider gave the world a chance to witness a first for all of us to see. Presented by Dc Shoes, the Pipe Dream made it possible for him to surf on a motorbike in the barreling waves of Teahupoo and Papara, Tahiti.

Check it out:

[iframe id=”” maxwidth=”750″]

A Daredevil.
The mad-man showed no fear charging the bombing waves riding his modified KTM 250 SX surf-cycle, rendering two years of making his fantasy into a reality. It is also true that Maddo grew up with a rich influence of surfing, having grown up on the beaches, South of Sydney, Australia.

“Yeah, 100 percent. I’ve surfed since I was 8 years old. I’ve been a surfer for like 26 years. If I wasn’t a surfer growing up there’s no way I would have ever even imagined this, not to mention have had the knowledge of how to read the wave. I was only comfortable in this scenario because I’ve spent the majority of my life dropping in on waves.”

“Honestly, the whole way I imagined I needed to ride the wave on my bike was wrong, but after watching some footage, with my knowledge of surfing I realized I had to adjust to be up on the face of the wave—and I’m comfortable being there because I spent the majority of my life dropping in on the face of waves. If I hadn’t been a surfer at heart, I couldn’t have pulled it off.” Read the full interview here.

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