The “Beltza”- 1990 Yamaha XJR 400 Brat Build by Wild Custom Philippines for Sakay & Co

Photo from Sakay & Co.

A sexy naked bike, the Yamaha XJR 400 is by far one of the most iconic 400cc motorcycles in the Philippines. The Air-cooled, inline 4 cylinder, BSR30×4 carburetors, DOHC H501E engine is packed with power which you may no longer handle the torque once you’re out there twisting the throttle.

O well, enough of that intro and let’s take a look at this masterpiece by Alfredo Aranda of Wild Customs Philippines.

Photo from Sakay & Co.

Built for Sakay & Co., Beltza is a 1990 Yamaha XJR 400 which was found in Malasiqui, Pangasinan. After riding it down to Manila, Mr.Borja S De M wanted to turn it into a brat style cafe racer and keep it compact, light, low and agile.

Photo from Sakay & Co.

“It is gritty and rough on the outside but it is equipped with Motogadget’s M-Unit V.2 and M.Blaze Pins, 2 USB chargers, 2 aluminum GoPro mounts (one on the trees and one on the rear numberplate bracket), a Ram Mount 1″ ball base and a custom built set of 4 into 1 exhaust pipe which we put on the side of the frame to gain a little clearance for those mean speed bumps not to hit the bike.” Mr. Borja explained.

Photo from Sakay & Co.

“As Sakay & Co’s bikes will be rented out for motorcycle tours in the Philippines we decided to go with a 3 in 1 (tail, break and turn signal) L.E.D. strip integrated in the frame to reduce the possibility of broken lights due to accidental hits and to increase visibility and safety of the rider.”

Photo from Sakay & Co.

The seat was hand crafted by Roger Navat of Navatek and the whole body paint including the tank was done by Toykits Paint and decals by Bodes Box. The rest was hand crafted by the welding skills of Wild Customs.

Photo from Sakay & Co.

This sexy XJR 400 will roam the streets of the metro with style and form. Whenever you spotted this classic Yamaha bike, please don’t hesitate to commend the hard work and labor of Wild Customs.

Tatak Wild!

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