The Learning Curve: Yamaha XSR 900 Cafe by Coco Moto Manila

    We all have something that we are really obsessed with. A fine line between the perfect build and the passion for creating a masterpiece from a stock, boring and out of the box motorcycle. But not this Japanese speed turner.
    We met Anton Lau, owner of Coco Moto Manila a few years ago in one of the first bike nights in Ropali Classics.
    4 years ago, realizing that doing what one loves is key to happiness, Anton “Coco” Lau decided to drop everything and start building bikes. He first took a welding class. Shortly thereafter he spent another year as an apprentice with a local builder to learn metal-shaping and hone his skills further.
    Fast forward to 2020, Anton Lau has almost perfected his craft in shaping metal through the help of Wild Custom and Kratos Custom Cycles.
    The Japanese Super Star, Yamaha XSR 900
    This Japanese legend was born to rule. The XSR 900 is an authentic performance motorcycle that blends Yamaha triple‑cylinder technology with neo‑retro style.

    It blends Yamaha’s world-class engineering with standout neo-retro style, creating a new type of machine for riders looking for an authentic and honest motorcycle that doesn’t sacrifice performance. Drawing influence from Yamaha’s classic “XS” series of motorcycles, the XSR oozes class, with exposed aluminum details, retro-influenced bodywork, stepped seat and custom lighting and instrumentation.
    The XSR900 features a thrilling 847cc Crossplane Crankshaft Concept liquid-cooled inline 3-cylinder, DOHC, 4-valve-per-cylinder engine based on the FZ-09™. The compact motor offers the best balance of both 2- and 4-cylinder designs, with an exciting, torquey and quick-revving engine character.
    Driven By Passion
    Last year, Anton finally opened his own shop Coco Moto Manila. He was lucky enough to have a brand new Yamaha XSR900 roll into his shop for a custom job. The owner was going to use the Yamaha as a track bike with the intention of riding it to and from the track, so it still had to be street legal. Working closely with the owner, both builder and client agreed on an overall design.
    Coco then started to hand shape an aluminum quarter fairing around clubman handlebars. A bezel was machined to house the stock headlight and an acrylic wind shield bolted on.
    The subframe was treated to a new tail section. Looking more like an aircraft; the tail turned the bike into a single-seater with a seat bump – much needed for the torquey XSR. The belly pan was worked around the engine, pipes, and the rear set. Giving the bike more track specific fairings.
    CocoMoto was satisfied to not put on too much and instead opted to just hand brush all the raw aluminum fairings.  “I wanted it to be track-ready but also look custom when ridden on bike nights” the builder said.
    The Bike now showcases how far CocoMotoManila’s skill and style has evolved – a nod to post WWII hot rodders and custom builders who learned their trade from the aviation industry.
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    All photos courtesy of At Maculangan.