No Speed Limit: How Kilometers Per Hour (KPH) Throttle its Way to the Philippine Moto Scene


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Starting a brand nowadays will give you a painstaking amount of time and effort to establish. It needs perseverance, passion, and acceptance from the community that you’re targeting. But there are few passionate individuals who strived for the best to be one of the most notable brands for the Philippine custom bike community. It’s a staple tag line for speed nuts and riders, and that’s Kilometers Per Hour.

The kilometers per hour is a unit of speed, expressing the number of kilometers traveled in one hour. 

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Kilometers Per Hour shifted gears and started a passion project and collaboration between a designer and a photographer. KPH wanted to combine art with their passion for bikes and to create something that people with the same interest would like and relate to.

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Started by two passionate entrepreneurs, Kharren Granada and Jericho Ramos, KPH is a clothing line that caters to the local motorcycle scene. KPH is currently producing bandanas, shirts, and they are working on expanding their products in the future.

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Kilometers Per Hour’s goal is to contribute more life and energy to the motorcycle scene by providing lifestyle wear that is one of a kind and tastefully crafted.

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The lifeline of KPH is the community that it caters to. The custom motorcycle scene is steadily growing and it’s a niche that thrives in creativity and passion of the riders for two wheels.

We will see more of KPH in the Philippine custom bike scene. Let’s support KPH and let’s support local Filipino owned brands.

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