Motorstar Explorer Z200 Scrambler by Dinno Bejar from Iloilo

Motorstar Explorer Z200
 Also known as the Zongshen 200 GS, came in as a line-up with the Sport-touring bikes came from the largest manufacturing bodies in China. It comes with a dedicated single-cylinder four-stroke 200 cc engine, ensures a long distance engine endurance, is efficient and economical.
No Need For Upscale Bikes
With Iloilo not being the most conducive place when it comes to availability of “Preferred” donor bikes, making do with what you have is the rationale behind this Motorstar Explorer Z200 build.
I would be a hypocrite if I were to say that I wouldn’t have preferred a more upscale brand, but then again, custom culture is not about brands now isn’t it? Going back, it so happened that my friend Denney had a Motorstar collecting dust in his garage.
Though it was far from being a junker, it definitely was on its way to becoming one. For a measly amount, and a continues bribe of leche flan (yes, he is that gullible ) I was able to get the bike and started working on it in my garage.
I don’t have images to show you its evolution, but this build started a cafe racer, that morphed into a brat, which eventually led to its current incarnation as a scrambler.
After 6 months of tinkering though, I still am not convinced that I am truly done with the bike. Currently, this is how it looks, but I cant say it would be same come next month.
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