Bike Feature: Yas Marta’s Custom Motorstar z200R built by Tokwa Party Garage



Guess who’s back? If there will be one garage to figure out a way of making mods via any given donor bike to start with, while dealing with a workable budget, then you know who to look for.


Another Motorstar conversion we laid our eyes with is this one. Way back we have received one that talks about caring less about bike brands to start a project with.


Full feature for more Motorstar Explorer Z200 Scrambler by Dinno Bejar from Iloilo, right HERE.



Take It Off!


“..The base bike is a Motorstar Z200r. Yas Marta is the owner of the bike. He is a “Singing Bae of Eat Bulaga”..” Jerish shared us.


Base Bike: Motorstar z200r


“..It was first brought to the garage in a stock running condition. This build took me 3 weeks to finish, I took off all of the stock parts, engine, chassis, tank, fairings..”



“..we painted dark army green as per Yas Marta request, I also did the design of cutting the seat pan up and shaping the foam. Also the diamond type upholstery..”








“..The exhaust was converted to bullet type with thermal wrap. We changed tire in to a dual sport tracker tires..”




“..With the trust of several people, the Tokwa Party Garage team again has been given a chance to build a bike..”




“..that the team and the owners can be proud of. With their trust and support, a new Motorstar z200r Street Tracker…”








Without the help of these people, this project wouldn’t be done:
Builder: Jerish Yu
Owner of the bike: Yas Marta
Tokwa Party Garage Crew:
Joh Bongga
Jerome Manabat




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