Bike Feature: ‘Wander One’ Honda XR125 by Marvin Geronimo



This time we take a close look at last year’s grand winner of Wrangler True Wanderer contest, where the brand took part in search for the ‘True Wanderer’. This contest where they chose finalists who embark on a riding adventure with their bikes touring the countries’ top destinations.


This year, got a lot grander, as the brand partners with the Department of Tourism now in search for this year’s ‘True Wanderer’.



Wander One




I had the best chances of getting to know Marvin Geronimo on his process of making is dream bike. We were out meeting and sourcing parts for this build. He shared his experiences with the ride and I had it all figured that it would be best considering the type of bike used, especially on different terrains.


Marvin was right in his choice. The Honda XR125 has been proven itself dealing with bumpy rides with just enough power for the needed pull.


“that’s also the bike that I used when I toured the PH last year…”




“ its a bike that’s quite close to my heart..that’s why I’m retiring her. To become a custom bike. Although I will still use her for short trips..”




Asked  about the bike’s performance. Marvin told me, “..better than i expected it to be…most memorable was me being able to take my bike to Lamitan Basilan..”




“..Luckily the XR 125 was very durable. So that didn’t even happen….although I have everything that I can need for minor problems…condisyon lang. But I got the XR 125 specifically for this trip. Although I had it 8 months prior to the travel…”




“..I have always been fascinated with custom motorcycles, specially scramblers. As for inspirations classic movies and stories of people who traveled the world on vintage bikes, even before all those electronics were involved. Mostly online. BikeEXIF is great inspiration for me…”






Having met Marvin for quite some time and talking to him online most of the time. I really can say that function comes first, then you go on aesthetics. His statements of retiring his bike should mean that the bike’s purpose and function was already satisfied, then came the modifications, for reasons of giving a new identity.






He did not win the competition for nothing I believe. But taking your bike and have a true adventure should already be enough purpose to answer the some questions like Why should you ride?






There should be a hint that this guy would go bigger. That should be something we are out to find out.




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All Photos courtesy of Marvin Geronimo | Wrangler Philippines

Bike Builder: Rizalito Martin


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Words by Maki Aganon