Bike Feature: Honda TMX125 Bobbed Scrambler by 3B Customs



As always, we are always more that pleased to announce great builds from our Bisayan friends who are more than just passionate in creating custom bikes, sharing their graceful skills for other people to fabricate their dream ride.


In line with the motorcycle family, this one here is inspired by the Honda CB350. Here we see another transformation of the modern bike coveting its way to return old school, providing new stance details for it to look classic in form.



Staying Classy


Benjo Sun of 3B Customs hailing from Surigao shares us the process, headaches yet with fulfillment with every kind of work that he does. It may irk builders to work on dead bikes to start off every project but this is a challenge for them. This is another story where bikes are reborn, and given another baptism and anointing.


“..This time I bring you a Classically inspired Bobbed Scrambler from yet another taxicle bike, the base bike is a Honda 125cc TMX. The client or clients are brothers both chipping in to have a project bike done, one the brothers is an old friend of mine whom I haven’t seen for quite some time…”




“..He sent me personal message via facebook, inquiring on how much would it cost to build one, inquiring on what base bike is good and what is locally available. We chatted about doing a project but we needed to get a bike first. A few weeks past and a few bike builds later. We chatted yet again and this time it was about a school reunion and a little bit catching up on that base bike. During this time I still have yet to find one, well I did have encountered a few bikes here and there but they did not have the proper documentation. I tend to distance myself on those bike deals as experience had taught me that it can give you a shit load of problem…”





“..A few weeks/months later a friend of mine from the island referred a potential client. So I eventually met up with the guy and discussed about a potential bike build. This time a local source gave me a tip about a bike for sale. It used to be a taxicle, but after a few years in service they finally gave up on the bike and bought a new one. The bike has been left to sit there in the corner for years. Needless to say they had their reason for giving up on the said bike, which I would soon find out. It was sold at a fairly reasonable price for its condition. I took the client to see the bike and he asked if it would meet his budget. Upon initial assessment I said I was about 60% sure that it would. I was so wrong. It turned out that some of the engine components needed to be replaced…”





“..Another lesson here kids. Don’t trust a seller or a source completely, remember they just want to sell the bike and get it off their hands. There’s a reason why they are getting rid of the bike. Though this might not always be the case but there are some people who do that so always be careful in purchasing a bike especially if it’s your first project. It would always be better to have your trustworthy mechanic with you upon your purchase. But even then it’s still not 100% accurate if the bike is not running. There are still plenty of things that could go wrong. Anyway I purchased the bike, fixed it and replaced the parts that needed replacing. When I finally got it to a proper working bike the total cost was off my initial assessment…”




“..So I had a talk with the client and I advised him not to get the bike as it would go beyond his overall budget after the customization was done. I honestly felt bad about it, having him wait for a while until I find a suitable bike for his budget. But what can I do? If we went ahead with the build it would have ended up either not being able to finish the build or would have finished it but we would have not been happy with the end result. I mean for me I would rather do a project that I’m happy with the end result even if I end up with just a little payment for my services. On my past builds there were some builds that I didn’t make some money on, I just wanted it done the way I want it…”





“..Anyway luckily for me the client was willing to wait for another bike. A few days later while reading some FB post, I came across my friend’s name, I almost forgot about he was still looking for a base bike. So I messaged him and he was willing to go with the build. We ended up with this classically inspired beauty right here. Sorry for the long introduction…”




“..The bike is a Honda TMX 125cc, we replaced some engine parts including new piston, piston ring, new valves, carburetor, new gaskets and seals, etc.  New rear suspension, new rear hub, new wider rims, new spokes, new wider tyres, and inner tubes, new front fork springs and seals, new cdi, new chain, engine sprocket, new rear sprocket, new bushings for the swing arm. New bearings, new cranks, new gear shifter, new ignition coil and a new battery. Now you know why we went over budget...”





“..I changed the headlights to a more classic round one, got new classic turn signals as well, also anew tail light, a new free flow muffler and a new air filter. Newly reupholstered seats with matching leather grips as well. The inspiration for the tank decals came from a picture of an old Honda CB 350, and the paint is custom mixed. Mixture of Candy Orange, with gold metal flakes on a silver base coat. I think that’s it. I hope I covered everything. Though this bike turned out nice especially when the sunlight lights up the gold flakes on the tank. I managed to learn yet again some things left neglected details in purchasing a used bike. I hope this will serve as a warning to our future first timers out there. Learn from the headaches we experienced so you don’t have to…”






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Words by Maki Aganon