Bike Feature: ‘The Rock’ 2.0 Honda TMX155 built by Jerry Formoso Kustoms from Pilar, Las Pinas



One of the Few First Custom Trackers

We’ve known Jerry for quite some time. On our first visit during the Mods Vs Rockers event in Angeles, Pampanga presented by Seventysix Kustoms. Among all big bikes present during the event, Jerry and Mike (Eijansantos) joined the bike show by bringing custom small displacement trackers. A Kawasaki Rouser 135 cc surf-tracker and a Honda TMX155cc Tracker. They did make heads turn and being asked about their bikes.

When this TMX Tracker named ‘The Rock’ went viral around social media, Jerry just went silent with his project bikes. No wonder, but we’re pretty at that time that he’s has been busy with some projects that he never let anyone see, not unless you visit his backyard garage in Pilar, Las Pinas.

Come inside Inside Racing magazine when we were invited by Sir Al Camba to join their newest event feature, Biker Builds, for their yearly event. We were given three slots to display some custom bikes and we gave Jerry a call right away. We just thought that it was the right place at the right time.




Honda TMX 155cc Tracker | The Rock


This was his first Tracker built for Mods Vs Rockers in Pampanga. He bought the bike second hand that was already junk. He shared us that he did a lot of trial and error during the building process.




He did not have any welder to work with it before so he had to find ways for the changes that he wanted for the bike.


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He rebuilt the engine from ground up until it was back to it’s proper running condition.





Hardest part about this, when he told us, is that it’s really hard to look for the parts that he needed at that time because he knew no one else who also builds custom motorcycle. Everything here was purely hand-made.





What also challenged him with this TMX is when he was looking for the right tires to match the bike’s identity. Took a lot of research before he was able to suit up with the tires. He admitted, it was the hardest part in this project.





What sets Jerry Formoso Kustoms aside every builder, he thinks hard before making any modifications with a bike. What we’ve noticed about his style, he thinks beyond the ordinary.

From afar, it does look good, but when you get to see all the details, there is where your mind blows. For every part of the bike, there is something to find. It’s a proper way of giving out each parts’ purpose, done in a really creative way, through various executions.




If we were to summarize his type of work, and given all the time and research that he needed for each bike projects that he would work with, it will always be full of surprise. And he’ll let you know about it with full confidence and enthusiasm.




There are always positive outputs when you try to criticize your own work. These are some traits that he choose to live by. To create a true ‘original‘ bike is what makes him for who he is and wants to take each work slow, yet sure of the possible outcomes. His energy is truly contagious, once you get to try and talk about bikes and is always suggestive for your bike improvements.




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Words by Maki Aganon