Bike Feature: The Kawasaki Rouser 135ls Brat Tracker by Chloe Samontanes


One of the better sportbike that is fuel efficient, sporty and totally affordable. These are the usual stop-light sights at any given day. The Kawasaki Rouser 135ls is one of the top choice considering the price, the specs and the features. Self-canceling signal lights, LCD speedometer, CV Carburetor with TRICS, definitely a remark of modern riding.


Growing Passion

“True passion move’s the soul”

It was the year 2013 when a good fella’ from a province of Western Visayas region, Iloilo City, shared us a photo of a sleek Kawasaki Bajaj Rouser 135ls. Try keying in the words ‘cafe racer iloilo’ and see for yourselves what we are talking about. A glimmer in the dark, a diamond in a coal pile. All the evidence that we need to see that the same passion we have is spread all throughout the region.


“…very few people who understands the lifestyle and culture behind it…”


Builder Chloe Samontanes shares his sentiments on spreading the culture. He told that love for coffee and bikes inspired him to create custom motorcycles. Deus, Blitz Motorcycles, Cafe Racer Dreams, Waves and Pavement, and the cafe racer scene back in the days fueled his desire to build.



“I started building my bike 3 years ago, started out with a cafe racer look to bare metal, went for the classic vintage scramble/tracker…”




“…and after a few road accident finally led me to this build, all black satin/flat brat tracker, wanna call it “Ebony” which stand for a variety of black wood, as it is sexy and light, fast and very efficient for my daily ride…”






“…I could say that me and my friends are the few starters for the custom building scene back here in Iloilo city as there is still a very few people who understands the lifestyle and culture behind it…”




“…We aim to spread the love and our passion for bike building and vintage riding lifestyle. Me and my friend/co-builder started a local community Facebook page ‘Cafe Racer Iloilo’ and to open a shop soon to pursue our drive for custom building. Visit our page Motornilyo.”





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