Bike Feature: The 9k Budget Honda CB125L by Strokers Moto



So you want a custom motorcycle but really tight on a budget?


These are the commonly asked questions for those who wanted to start a project without any idea at all. The community online has been gracefully giving out basic tips to start the project bike, yet you don’t want to burn such a big hole on your pocket. Yes, builders do know that you have to spend some kind of amount to start off somewhere.


There is a fine line between the aesthetic sense and the expertise of pure builders and fabricators. The concept of custom bike building goes around somewhere in between. But most often, and of course without compromise, if you have plans to build one, do it right, and do it well. Do some extensive research and collaborate with people. 


Real soon we would want to discuss these ideas much further.



For the Masses | The 9k Honda CB 125L Tracker by Strokers Moto


“..Customers name is Chenzo. He wants me to build a tracker bike out of a Honda CB 125L..” Kenneth Agno of Strokers Moto shares us.




“..he just bought this repo bike recently and unfortunately crashed this one as this is his first bike..”
“..he went to my shop and he was still not sure what to do with the bike so I suggested we build a tracker bike. He’s also interested in the cafe racer lifestyle so we decided to build this one..”




“..when we talked about his budget, it was 7k at first. I told him that it might be too low for the build. but I accepted the project anyway..”
“ the build goes, I kept on sending him progress report and gave him options that might look good on his bike but adds more money on the total bill. Fortunately he agreed..”




“..we just utilized everything that we can get from the original parts into the build to save money. Luckily we made budget..”
“..this is my first budget meal build and definitely won’t be the last…”






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Words by Maki Aganon