Bike Feature: Suzuki TU 250 Volty by 3B Customs Surigao City


If only custom motorcycles could talk and share everyone how they were build and well taken care of, right from where they were discovered from a rotten pile of junk, or maybe a withered ride that just lost it’s value over time, or also maybe a motorcycle you adopted from a good neighbor.


Well, too bad they can’t. We can only look at how beautiful they are now, right after careful modifications. I really like hearing stories of bike, especially if you hear them straight from the builder. I even imagine a scene where the one telling the story is pointing at the machine right beside you, on a cool evening over beer and grilled intestines.


A Deeper Enthusiasm

Good fella, Benjo Sun, the man behind the classic mods of 3B Customs in Surigao shares us another blissful creation, as he described as ‘full of the many firsts’ and a great learning experience all throughout the process.

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More than just working on custom bikes, he puts on detailed passion in every bits and pieces of the motorcycle. He gives us a free pass inside his brain, amuse you with his authentic enthusiasm towards the build, and tags everyone involved within the frame.


Let’s take a look at 3B Customs’ 4th Build, the 2001 Suzuki TU 250 Volty.



Before and After


“Well to start off, this bike was from a previous build, I think this was my 4th built bike. The base bike is a 2001 Suzuki TU 250 Volty which I got from a friend here in Surigao. During the build I was torn between turning it to a café racer or a brat. But eventually while browsing the net I got my inspiration I opted for a 3rd option I was going to turn it into a Japanese style soft tailed bobber.”


‘Tanks’ For The Bargain

“During the build process I decided to change the original gas tank as it did not fit the character that I was going for on this build. I scoured the local back yards, and the junk yards for a tank I wanted. But I wasn’t able to find one. Until I went by an old mechanic’s place. There laying on the ground was an old honda tmx tank.”


tmx tank


“At first I wasn’t interested on it because I already came across similar tanks during my scavenging. But as I was looking at it again and staring at it for some time. An idea popped, this tank had potential I only need to change it a bit to fit my liking. So I bought it, he let me have it for 70 bucks which was quite a bargain. I cleaned the tank and I cut it up to make narrower and more cone shaped.”


tmx tank (1)


Make It Short

“I decided to cut the frame’s back section to shorten it. I also cut the front fender to making it shorter, at first I didn’t want to put a front fender on it but eventually I decided to have one. I also did that on the rear fender. I think that’s where the term bobber came from. Bobbed or shortened. I retained the original front and rear suspension.”




“Decided to put bigger rounder tires to give it a more aggressive stance. Changed the mirrors, rear tail light, turn signals, head light and switches. For the exhaust I decided to put an aftermarket slip-on which I had in storage. Man, you should hear her roar, its orgasmic.”









“This was when I started making custom gas caps on my builds. I decided to dismantle the original gas cap and made some modifications to it to hold some old bicycle gears. The result was a Bad-ass looking gas cap which not only looks good but also functional, including the locking mechanism. For the seat I originally envisioned it to be a single-seater, but as build went on, my wife Kristine loved the bike that she wanted me to put a pillion seat on it, she wanted to ride with me on it as well. (laughs)”




The Lucky Seat

“I had a hard time looking for leather to cover the seat. The locally available wasn’t to my liking. One day while passing by an ukay-ukay shop I saw something hanging. It was just the right color I was looking for. I immediately grabbed it and asked the sales lady for a measuring tape. This was my lucky day not only was it just the right color but apparently it was also just the right size to make the seat! I had my go to upholstery guy made the seat for me to my specs and design. There was some leather left so I used it to wrap my grips with.”




Leaving So Soon

The bike rides and handles like a dream. The bike only stayed with me for a couple of weeks. Mark, a good friend of mine who also happens to be a highschool classmate was really interested on the bike that I ended up selling the bike to him. I know he’s a good guy and that he’ll take good care of it.”




“For me even though I haven’t had much time riding the bike, I haven’t even had the opportunity to take some good photos of it. But, overall looking back at it; it was a fun build, full of many first at that time. A great learning experience that eventually got carried on to my present builds mainly the custom gas caps and custom leather grips.”



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