Bike Feature: Steve’s Custom KTM Duke 390 by Kratos Custom Cycles



It was one hell of a weekend indeed. The hangover for the best custom bikes revealed out there is truly amazing how far Filipino talent in custom bike building has become over the years. A major plus where the unity among all bike clubs were evident and the whole place was warm, literally and figuratively.

One of the Custom Trackers in the above 200cc could get unnoticed, due to the total reform of the over all bike factory look, hand built on to a brand new style and design, with some brilliant additions, thought off way beyond norms.


A brand new KTM Duke 390 was an offering to the Kratos Custom Cycle slaughterhouse, went through hell in the hands of Todee Teodoro, after quite some time, a new monster was born rolling out of Kalayaan Avenue.




The bike project agreed between Steve and Todee is the first dismantled in the line of KTM Dukes’ to emerge locally made. Another one line to mark the walls of the for every brand new bike offered in the Kratos Garage altar of bike offerings. Stripped down helplessly, more of like a science subject for transformation, we say goodbye to the bike’s modern name. Maybe that’s just the way it goes, the Kratos garage is a butcher house.


The KTM Duke 390 one of the new lines of sportsbike boasts of its strength, developed torque, and featherlike attributes. With ultra-hard carbon coating of the cam levers, it gives out for more released power.

Marrying the concepts of the classic tracker bikes, altogether with the new-gen sportsbike, produced this one of a kind ride. It was one afternoon when Todee gave out a sneek of this project soon to be released for Motobuilds Pilipinas. I didn’t bother to ask, but went straight to actually see it for myself.





Although already crazy enough to do so, my mind was blown on its personal reveal. Where was the KTM here? I arrived with a lot of people staring blank at this built bike, and Todee was just smiling.




Lucky enough I was able to meet with the owner of the bike, Steve, who took a brand new bike, funny how it was a quick choice by his kid for what would he like. Having the KTM being chosen, from a photo, it was now the project bike. Not all have the guts to chop down a sparking new bike, but it seems to be ordinary in the Kratos slaugherhouse. Todee is a serial killer. And also a mad doctor who brings them back to life, blessed with another name.




Kratos Custom Cycles had its ways to fabricate most of what’s left from the original bike. Handcrafted most fairings, an original hand molded fuel tank and some of the few surprises looking in to the smaller details. Saying bye-bye to the sportbike, this baby can hit the dirt tracks at any given Sunday.




On all what’s left here should be the gauges, that honestly speak of how fresh this bike is. Some parts of the original frame as hints of what was it before. No remorse is given for anything that was brought in. It comes out of the garage doors on a brand new bike style.





At first glance, the looping exhaust upwards on the right side could fool you. It’s actually a dummy pipe. The false exhaust is mounted as a document compartment, for papers and other smaller things, or a bottle of wine maybe. It’s one of the few itches Todee’s tricky mind was able to slot in. While the true one loops underneath the engine, crossing out the three-chamber silencer, of a regulated catalytic converter, now has a monstrous roar for every squeezed throttle to match the tactless, aggressive custom bike.






The streamlining seats extended for a free-riding form. Protapers to match a perfect track riding posture, and huge tires to complement. LED Lights at the back, hand made fenders and brackets.









Steve was really happy about it. Took it out for a few spin with a good smile, finally trying it out for the first few times. The wait was all worth it and he’s pretty satisfied about how the results were presented. One of another releases of bike show quality bikes that are usable and roadworthy.





After a few affirmatives thank you’s Steve had left us, to pick up this bike on the next day. Todee took it out for some wheelspins and attempts of wheelies. It’s a fun ride, too bad it is just too tall for the both of us.




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Words and Photos by Maki Aganon