Bike Feature: RVLT02 Streetcub aka Jabanero by Kevin Yu


Our good fellas from Queen City, Cebu, are loud and proud. How do you put out a fire that was handed down by sheer passion for two-wheeled machines? You cannot. That is the answer. Brothers Jon Louie and Kevin spearheads the culture of custom bike-building down South. Revolt Cycles.


A First

Jabanero was built way back around April 2013 way before street cub was known here in PH. Was probably the first street cub here in Cebu,maybe even in PH.”


“…It all started when my brother showed me a picture from the net of this Honda c70 that was modified,low shorty drag bars,leg shields intact,rear covers and front covers gone.  At first had no idea about the street cub cult but when I saw that picture it drew me in,made me curious and searched a lot about it,was digging the street cub look but upon searching further saw the Choppy cub builds,instantly inspired me to build my own…”






“…Choppy cub is same with the street cub except it has no leg shields and with high rise bars (ape hangers, window bar,and so on). Most of my inspirations came from the indonesians,they’ve been rocking the street cub cult so long. From then on kept on looking for a c70 for sale,fortunately my uncle has a c70 econo thats being used as a service motorcycle for his company, he bought it brand new long time ago…”







“…Engine leaking oil, had some cracks, covers were all beat up and brittle, signs of aging and the abuse it took. Bought it, fixed him up, stripped it down, had couple of parts custom made (handle bars,handle bar mount, suicide shifter (came from a jeepney shifter) placed fat tires and of course, that beautiful Honda red matte finish. When finally jabanero was done, to the streets we go together with my brother’s cb77 305 cafe racer…”




“…The joy looking at people faces amazed and confused on what my bike was (laughs) as if they saw an alien. People asking me questions while in a stop light, “is that a shifter?”, “what bike is that?”, “how does your shifter work?” and so on. (laughs).”


“…From then on the addiction,passion, love for the custom culture grew.”




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