Bike Feature: Rusi TS 125 Tracker ‘Nardo’ by FMG


Jonathan Van Haute (Fart Monkeez Garage) shines to become one of the most enthusiastic backyard builders ever to emerge to contribute to the scene. It is epidemic. Most of us developed appreciation to any kind of bike that will undergo mechanical surgery to be reborn with a new persona, made through the builders image, liking and the story where it came from.

A custom bike’ story can be deep derived from the owner/builder’s fabricated dream and visions. “After all, it should be all about people, and their journey”, to quote Mr. FMG himself.


Rusi TC 125 ‘Nardo’: Sometimes, it’s not about the brand. It’s about the build. 

In this story, we were able to share Mr. Dundee Adriatico’s passion for the two-wheels and told us his commendable insights toward a local brand that came out to stand out.


“..I got to know Fart Monkeez Garage via caferacerph. I was trying to learn more back then about this cafe racer culture thing. I first saw these kinds of bikes in the States. Initially, I thought these were variations of a brand – perhaps a Triumph or a Honda or a Royal Enfield etc. Later on, I came to learn that these bikes – tracker, brat, cafe racer, scrambler, boxer, bobber, chopper – are really just kinds of builds of a bike. And the brand didn’t really matter..”




“..When I saw the works of FMG – how Jonathan converted ordinary and regular looking bikes into monsters and beauties – I got ecstatic. I contacted him and initially discussed the tracker / brat bike that I had in mind. I wanted a Yamaha RS to be the base bike (since this was my ride back in high school) so I said to him that I’d contact him when I got one…”




“..A few weeks later and I still didn’t have a base bike, Jonathan sent me a message, showed Nardo and asked if I was interested. I was thrilled and I wanted the bike. Before I took the bike home, I asked Jonathan why he named the bike Nardo. He said that the first time he got the bike, it was full of mud hence he named it Nardo, from “Nardong Putik”…”




“..The base bike is a Rusi TC 125. I haven’t really heard about Rusi before so I did a little research and found that this variation are actually used in the country as work bikes and tricycles. It appealed to me because I was actually looking for a bike that I could use going to work. But the more interesting thing I discovered is that Rusi is a local brand. And I find it great because it’s a chance to patronize products of our own…”




IMG_20160403_110847_HDR (1)


P.S. My mom and girlfriend are not really in agreement to me getting a bike. So I might get initial lecture / reprimanding, especially from my mom, when this article gets published.




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