Bike Feature: Ralph’s Kawasaki Boxer 150 Street Tracker by Tokwa Party Garage



Motobuilds Pilipinas Biker Build-Off is just around the corner. With just less than a month to go, the best of the best Filipino Custom Motorcycle Builders are set to showcase their masterpiece of a rolling artwork. Time is ticking and while the donor bike has already been distributed to each and every Biker Build-Off participant, they all have to shove out all remaining projects that they have in hand. This is really exciting.


We take a good look at one of the project bikes, of a participating garage in the coming bike show. Tokwa Party Garage is at it working wonders on common workhorses, transforming motorcycles into as to what the client prefers.


From Watercolor to Reality

Ralph Becker once inquired to Cafe Racer Philippines, looking for a garage best fit to work with, in a project that he had in mind. Living nearby the garage, they started off working with a base Kawasaki Boxer 150, to work a custom Street Tracker. We were able to get with Ralph and shared that he is also a visual artist, does quite a lot on art and design.




It all started with Ralph formulating concepts, gathering research online and finally had this design output for a Kawasaki Boxer 150 he bought for the project.


Again, Jerist Abac and the rest of the Tokwa Party Garage crew worked on exactly what was ordered from the menu. Check out the photos below courtesy of Jerist.









Ralph is happy about the end result and shared how skilled and talented the Tokwa Party Garage Team is. He shared that they did exactly what he had in mind from paper in to reality.





So we ask, do dreams come true? Definitely. As proud as how TPG could contribute to the growing community of custom motorcycle riders and enthusiast, they say, “ imagine, we create..”



Merging the artwork to the output.


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Words by Maki Aganon