Bike Feature: Ned Hourani’s Custom Honda XR200 Collection



Some people would never understand why do we have more than one motorcycle. But to us, we wouldn’t mind and yet we encourage each other more. Funny right. All for fun. In this one, we are looking at Mr. Ned’s collection of XR’s that he’d like to take on adventures. He also talks here about how he named his bikes. Each with different character and purpose.



Honda XR200 Customs


“..If riding is therapy, have a daily session!..”


“..My strength in building motorbikes lies in my knowledge that I can’t do everything & do not know how to. My strength is recognizing those better than me & to become a team, for the build, together. My friend & mechanic Edwin Fenomeno has always been present in my builds & without him & his patience; none of my bikes would have been built..”


“..ᗺlāK, is a 2010 Honda XR200, she was in bad shape; Edwin & I picked up last May 30 @ 10pm in Sta Rosa; and got to work..”




“..I met Jonathan VH (FMG) through Zach Lucero; I liked him immediately; No pretenses, down to earth; great at what he does & a little crazy; this last one might be the reason why I liked him immediately. ᗺlāK in truth, came to be, out of the tireless efforts of both Edwin & Jonathan. I always had a soft spot for scramblers & trackers, and ᗺlāK, for me, fills that spot…”




“..My philosophy if one could call it that, is to keep things simple. I personally do not alter, chop up or chop off the frames on my builds, I keep them stock & my 3 builds are all Hondas, XR200’s. They are reliable, they are bullet proof, they are easy to work on & there are plenty of parts available should you need any…”




“..They have a perfect suspension for all types of roads & that makes them, in my book, the right bike for our Philippines.. I do play around with the suspension, with the gearing, and ultimately with the look to achieve my objective. The tank on ᗺlāK is from a mid-70’s CL350. As I wanted to keep the original side panels & rear fender;  I tapered them a little to get the right look, that I had in mind…”




“..ᗺlāK runs on tubeless rims/tires and this makes it easier to deal with should you have the misfortune of a flat. I needed the right fender for ᗺlāK and I asked Jeffrey Y (Ylagan Kustoms) for his help. We spent a few hours together and the outcome speaks for itself. ᗺlāK is my 2nd build…”


“..Tubeless set up by Neutech. Tires are Shinko Trail Master E-700 Front 90/90-21 Rear 130/80-18..”


“..My 1st was the XR11, a build for a good friend of mine…”




“..My last, 冒険 – bou ken, is the XR-Adv…”




“..All 3 using the Honda XR200..”





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Words by Maki Aganon