Bike Feature: Michael Pages’ 1975 Honda CB750 Cafe Racer from Cebu



Our good brothers down South has been spreading the passion like wildfire. Cafe Racer Cebu is loaded with skills and talent willing to share the enthusiasm of custom bike riding and grinding. Some of the few emerging garages showcase world class aesthetics and configures to each and everyone’s preferred style of motorbike.


Just a Dude Who Design Bikes


Making waves and creating ripples on the community, Michael Pages works under the shadow of his backyard garage. Just so happens that he has a shop in his office in Cebu, right here is where the wonders happen.




No shop name but just a person who loves to crack a bike open for his own projects and usage.

Here is one of his custom Cafe Racer, a Honda CB750, personally designed for his own image and liking. He gets few help with his team, yet all his design outputs make really good custom bikes.




Purely intact and sure looks real fun to ride, he shared that his bikes are never really bike show quality. All dust, dirt and leaks are evidence of a daily commute, he quickly added.





The bike’s rims are from a newer CB750, front forks are quipped from a Ducati Monster. A little bit of everything right here.




Clip on handles from an R6, buffed out by a custom oil tank, infused with a car fog lamp simply gets the job done.




The rest are rare stocks that remain, and I still bet that there will be more, since a project will always be a project. No eyes to bat on this rolling beauty. As long as happiness is ridden from point A to point B, there are no problems here at all.


Words by Maki Aganon
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