Bike Feature: Mark Berroya and the Brakeless Front Streetcub


We just cant get enough about Streetcubs being built here in our country. We just can’t ignore such creativity being evident for every Honda Super Cub modification. The classic underbone is a free pass to personal preference and creativity. And what makes it more fun, is that it doesn’t hurt your pocket that much. Ask someone who owns a cub, it wouldn’t hurt to build another one if you have some budget to spare.

Streetcubbin’ 101
One more Streetcub caught our attention, not because of too much fancy details, but the finesse on how to build the ‘generic’ streetcub with some personal twist. Simple as how he puts it, still, it could make heads turn, raise questions, and put smiles on peoples faces. This is not your typical underbone.

We had our chance to share Mr. Mark Berroya’s love affair with his bike, as he stated;

“..While I’m at work, I still keep on thinking about the cub, every rest day (at work) I build it..”




He told that he invested a lot of time working and thinking about bike references for his bike. Takes him almost one full day to build it.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

More than a bike builder, he also stated that he is into ‘fixed gear’ bikes, which gave him the inspiration to make his cub a brakeless front to make it more ‘street-stylish’.

“…tapos riser bar, parang naka Fixie bike lang, total nag fifixie naman ako..”




Mark was a one man team working on his cub, from installation to body paint jobs. But that ended on ‘re-wiring’ the bike.  ”

“Tapos sa wiring na nag tawag na ko ng tulong sa BMX friend kong si Paul Cayaon” After paint jobs, at harnessing.. I got an idea about micro switches, I created a housing made of plastic (takip ng deodorant) (laughs).

“More imagination to build a cool creation..”


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