Bike Feature: Kawasaki Bajaj CT100 by Tokwa Party Garage


Here is something new.  A relaunch that replaced the Bajaj Boxer, sport four-stroke, 99.27 cc engine that boasts of power and economy mode.


CT100 to a Street Tracker


Jerish Yu had his fair share on his passion of building custom bikes which started a few years ago. Insistent offerings with friends to build their own bikes is what gave life to a group called Tokwa Party Garage. They really must love tofu over a few drinks.


“..My passion in building bikes started a few years ago. I always dreamed of having one that I can be proud of. Inspiration? Google is a big part on this build and to be honest, I just cannot help myself but to browse different builds everytime..”


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“..Few months ago, I built my first Cafe Racer (SUZUKI B120), my friends saw it and I was able to encourage them to build one for themselves. We built the bikes and I must say, we learned many things while building the bikes. That is when Tokwa Party Garage was born…”


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“A friend of mine (Mark Mabanag) who really loves surfing came to me and gave his trust to turn his CT100 to a Street Tracker. This bike, I can say is the product of what me and my friends learned along the way, a bike that I can be proud of..”




“..This build took me 2 weeks to finish, I have a day job so I was only able to work on the bike full-time during weekends…”


“..It was first brought to me in an all stock condition, I took off most or if not all of the stock parts aside from the engine, chassis, tank and the fork…”




“..I had the bike painted gold as per Mark’s request…”


“..Stock tires are 17’s so I changed it to 18’s and had the alloy rims and hubs painted with a matte black finish. The chain was also replaced with a gold one to match the rest of the bike…”




“..I also took off a generous amount of parts from the chassis and designed the loop. I also did the seat from cutting the seat pan up to cutting and shaping the foam…”
“..The exhaust was converted to bullet type and I gave it a matte black finish (High temp)..”



“..I also designed the tail light and the plate holder to be mounted on the rear mud guard. Replaced the odometer and painted the rest with a matte black finish…”




“This bike would not be finished without the help of my friends Mark Mabanag, Jerome Manabat, Abunjo, Carl Aguilar and the rest of the Tokwa Party Garage team…”





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