Bike Feature: Jericho Rosales’ Custom Ducati Scrambler built by Kratos Custom Cycles



Ever wonder who among our countries’ celebrities live out and enjoy the freedom to roam on two wheels? Some of us may have seen them online, yet some had the chance to ride along with them. It doesn’t matter who you ride with, what matters is that you share the same passion to explore.




Well known movie and screen actor, celebrity endorser and entrepreneur Jericho Rosales had his hands full for the throttle. If you were one of the lucky fellas to go out to surf out with him in his usual spots in San Juan, La Union, then you are one of the eyewitness.




More than the active water sport, he can also be seen on his Barber Shop in Manila, coming over with one of his bikes. Chatting about plans to ride out and having conversations about bikes.




We admire people when they stay true on what we love most. The feeling of the cool air dabbing our skins, with friends on convoy, going different places, meeting new people, engaging and collaborating while standing on one same platform of passion.




The Scrambler Ducati


This scrambler type of bike offered by one of the institutions of modern motorcycle offerings, Ducati, gave freedom a different type of character.





Providing solid reputation in the motorcycle industry, they gave modern custom bike riding a new expression leaning on the post-heritage, unique and contemporary design.




It is made for fun with different offerings in style which ever is fit for each and everyone. The Scrambler Ducati is one to own for the creative ones, the people who love to explore, the bike that pushed the boundaries of adventure-riding.



Both bikes built by Kratos Custom Cycles

Kratos Custom Cycles x Ducati Scrambler


This bike is actually a work in progress, as shared to us by Todee Teodoro (Kratos Custom Cycles).




While we were out covering Luke Landrigan’s bike, it was quite lucky for us too, to get a glimpse of the celebrity adventurer’s bike.




Despite all the given stock features of the Scrambler, we’ve noticed some of the initial works done right here. Pretty neat custom exhaust metal sheet guard, and must be really lightweight.


The majority of the parts installed are purely hand made.






This seems too exciting to see the outcome, while they brainstorm on this bike’s design direction and concept. All the while, the beauty of having one of these big boys surely is one to fill-up each bikers bucket list.






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Words by Maki Aganon