Bike Feature: Honda XR125 Tracker Built by Jerry Formoso Kustoms



JFK is one of the country’s emerging custom motorcycle builder, hailing from Pilar, Las Pinas. Proud to have grown his backyard garage where he works on his free time after work to create rolling arts, transforming factory bike units to anyone’s liking, and marks the design type how JKF wants it to become.

Trusted for the Mod

This Honda XR125 Tracker was commissioned to JFK from a client that reached him online. Civi Hassassin from Boracay wanted a bike fit for his height, with good torque, and could fit two people in. Jerry got the base bike sold to him by his friend and that’s where he started to work on. Straight purchase and then on to the workshop.


JFK shared that Civi was all in for the project and was open for suggestions, thus the outcome was very impressive. His client was open to suggestions, and here is what made JFK worked his wonders.


To start things off, this is what will twist every detail-oriented bike viewer in this build. This hand-built piston tail light makes the icing of the cake.


We see that JFK wanted to play around on mixing hand-made premiums and aftermarket functional parts, like these rear signals that are almost sold anywhere. After all, he shared us, that as long as it serves the purpose, then he’d bolt it in. Well in fact, all tracker-built bikes usually suffer from breaking signal lights because of road bumps and jumps.



The most challenging part he encountered on this project was working on the bike frame. He made sure that everything was in tact and still serve on what XR bikes should do.




What should be notable on this project is careful integration of details. It should be like towering a house of cards, where all the hand-crafted, integrated parts should fall perfectly in place.




Navatek (Roger Navat) provided the custom leather seats, that flows differently exploring on wave pattern stitching.



One of the few requests of his client is to utilize a better meter. Well he got what he wanted, but this should all be worth it.



Character-wise, the duo-toned tank gives it a whole new surname to brag. Civi should be more than proud to roll this beauty. JFK made it so sleek, it made us hard to think twice of using and abusing the XR, ironically which was built for that purpose. Initially, his client wanted to by his Honda TMX Tracker, but suggested to build another instead. What a selfish bastard. (jk)

To end the walkthrough, this is one for the books, as reference to a case study of bike building projects that does not compromise budget. Trust your local builders, as art should flow perfectly free while giving the much needed attention to the engineering side of motorcycles.

Hint: Did you know that JFK is a graphic designer with engineering background? Go figure.

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Words by Maki Aganon