Bike Feature: H. Lumbania’s Kawasaki HDIII Rat-style Street Tracker by Tokwa Party Garage


From stock-drag unfinished set-up reborn to a classic street tracker concept. If donor bikes were of concern, we always head on to a get-go of what’s readily and quickly available in the market, and surely of course a bang in the buck. A bike that has proven itself, surely for us pinoys talking about public transportation.


Once maybe pulling and carrying 4-5 people from point A to point B, a side car, smokey pipe, and that distinct buzzing, erring stock muffler noise. It may be true, we hate to love the Kawasaki HDIII. This feature tells us what makes up a good, simple yet exciting custom local build. Call this project fun.


Remember the Project Trash made by Fart Monkeez Garage? This must be the relative.

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Kawasaki HDIII from Drag to Street Rat Tracker



“Around last week of December a good friend of mine (Hubert Lumbania) who is the owner of Grasa Pomade (Grasalifestylin Vintage Customs) brought his Kawasaki HD III to our garage. He saw the bikes that I have built and expressed his interest in having one…”

Jerist Abac (Tokwa Party Garage) shares CafeRacer.Ph




“Currently he owns a Honda TMX cafe racer, he saw some street tracker projects that I have done and he seemed to like them. The base bike is a Kawasaki HD III, it was brought to the Tokwa Party Garage HQ not in stock condition but on a drag setup…”




“..I had to replace almost everything with brand new parts as the drag setup is very different from what Hubert wants. I started with the rims and the tires and replaced them with wide rims & tires, I went straight through the fork and the headlight…”




“..The fork needed a little repair as the spring is not present when the bike was brought to me. The stock handle bar was also replaced with a wider handle bar. The bike was originally equipped with a tune-pipe and was replaced with the stock HD III pipe. The ignition was also relocated under the seat pan…”






“..I equipped it with a new air filter and a new 2t pump. The chain and sprockets were also replaced with new ones to give it a shine. I had the chassis cut and fabricated the seat-loop as well as the seat pan. I shaved the original seat until I got the shape that I was looking for. I then wrapped it with dark brown leather to give it a vintage look…”


“..As per Hubert’s request, there were no paint jobs done on this bad boy, the owner wanted it to have a “Rat-style” look…




“..With the trust of several people, the Tokwa Party Garage team again has been given a chance to build a bike that the team and the owners can be proud of. With their trust and support, a new street tracker was born…”
Without the help of these people, this project wouldn’t be done:
Owner: Hubert Lumbania
Tokwa Party Garage Team
Jerist Abac (jerish yu)
Carl Aguilar
Jerome Manabat




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