Bike Feature: Garage Built ‘Pantra’ Brat Kawasaki Boxer 150 from Liloan Cebu




A good frame, a muscular bulky tank and powered by Bajaj technology. These are some offerings that some may choose to start a project bike. Fuel efficient and gives a good pull, built for tough roads and heavy loads.


These are the basic things to consider, across all small-displacement custom bike, despite initially being a reliable business partner for small local businesses. These are all smaller displacement builders bank on to. Simply put, they’re totally a whole lot cheaper, with a tad bit of imagination, basic tools and a capped price range, you can have a totally unique ride.


It must be relatively beneficial for people who would want to ditch out their worn-out, deteriorating bikes and small garage pros can do really an amazing job.



A Remote Garage Build


“..I initially was eyeing for the Royal Enfield Continental GT, but it was too pricey for a project bike to work on. That’s when I decided to search and start out with a ‘pantra’ (pang-tricycle) bike, hence the Boxer 150. I chose this one mainly because its tank stood out the most amongst other brands in the same price range…”




“..I joined different motorcycle groups, continually looking for different inspirations, I even asked known builders for price quotations; which I could say all have been very accommodating. But then, distance was a struggle for me since I live in Liloan. That’s when I told myself ‘Hey, why don’t I try doing it on my own?‘..”


IMG_7548 (1)




Below are the things I did and struggled with. (Laughs)
-Cut the chassis
-Cut the handlebars
-Bought my own set of tires
-Little by little I did tweaking on the lights
-Got a bit of a problem with the upholstery of the seat, after buying authentic leather from Marikina, I couldn’t find anyone from the city who can work on it without me having to actually bring the bike over.




“..So I improvised, drove around and saw a small upholstery shop, whose main work revolves around furnitures. To my surprise, it turned out well, didn’t it?..”





“..This bike is still a work in progress. I might find better ways to improve it along the way…”




“..But after seeing what I did to this bike, the fulfillment I had, being it a “Gawang Garahe” project which turned out pretty well, at least in my eyes and to those who appreciate, I realized maybe I can start another project and start working on old worn out bikes, eh?..”





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Words by Maki Aganon