Bike Feature: Friday, the Cafe Racer Rouser 200 by Joshua Ocampo from Angeles City


It is a great Friday indeed, while the long weekend is still happening, these times are best times to cruise the city, while the roads are wide open and the folks of Manila are out and about in the Northern Provinces.


Today we take a look at another street-familiar two wheeled face that boasts its speed and power, durable and really affordable. This is the Kawasaki Rouser 200.



Joshua Ocampo of Angeles City, shares us his rendition of the Cafe Racer Rouser.


“Just a newbie when it comes to motorbike but i’m more into cafe style…simple yet fascinating…”


“I bought this Rouser 200 from my friend who is a Ducati racer wherein this Rouser 200 was not completely working. To make the story short, I decided to make it Cafe Racer Style because cafe racer are usually used as city bikes like during the old days bikers use them when they go in a coffee shop downtown..that is basically my lifestyle, I’m a freelance English Teacher so I hold my time and I can ride my bike anytime…”






“Two mechanics tried to fix it but they failed because all they want was money, and luckily I found the last mechanic who fixed all the wiring. My friend who is a member of a bike group named Black Phyton helped me modify it with our bare hands with the help of his tools in his garage…”





“Sweat, headaches, and literally blood (he almost cut his left point finger due when he was cutting a small metal) We also painted it Anzahl Paint and put the sticker word Paraka (a very deep street word of Pampango which means Extremely Stunning)


Cafe Racer Rouser 200
Joshua Ocampo of Angeles City
Modified by Reggie Tiatco




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