Bike Feature: Daryll Pil’s Custom Skygo Pony 100cc from Talisay Cebu



Mini-bikes are now starting to play in the big leagues of custom motorcycle building.


Looking back at our previous features of the Skygo Pony underwent a new face lift. Small displacement builds are truly fit for just enough budget but smaller ones? Go figure.


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Stumbled Upon and Fell In Love


“ bike is a Skygo Pony 100cc. I got this bike brand new last November 2014 after I moved on from automatic scooters and semi automatic mopeds. When I got this bike I made a promise to myself to learn all the basic maintenance and do everything myself if possible…” Daryll Pil shares us.




“..While I was searching for videos in YouTube on how to fine tune carburetors and adjust valve clearances, I stumbled upon a video about cafe racers and right then and there I fell in love with the looks of cafe racers/scramblers/trackers…”




“..I started hunting down parts and I joined Cafe Racer Cebu to get more insights exchange ideas from like minded individuals. The headlight assembly is from a Yamaha l2GF, the rear shocks are from a TMX 155, the gas tank is replacement tank for Honda CD70 and I got this from Oldies Goodies!..”




“..Most of the things on this bike is DIY except for the seatpan, exhaust and dual shock conversion which was done by a local machine shop. The front and rear fenders is from a TMX 155 cut into two and mounted by a friend named Jerry Jones…”




“..The dual shock conversion was only done recently due to the wear and tear on the stock mono-shock and linkage. It was more cost effective for me to convert to dual than replace the mono-shock and linkage..”




“..Many people ask what look am i really going for with this bike but I don’t want to put any labels on it. You can call this a scrambler or brat or cafe and I don’t really care, I just consider this “My Bike”..”







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Words by Maki Aganon