Bike Feature: Custom Suzuki X4 by Carlo Agno


Happy Holidays everyone! 


Welcome back to the countries dynamic, creative and resourceful talents on custom motorcycle building.

We never run out of imagination, especially here in this two-wheeled crazy country creating something out of something, better yet nothing.


Today we look at this familiar commuter motorcycle down here, the Suzuki X4. Most of us may have ridden this cheap throttle. Some fun backrides, or maybe on the side car. But this transformation from stock, given some budget allocation changed all of it into a daily riding choice.




Actual stock base bike.

Our good fella Carlo Agno had the chance to share us this wonderful, clean mod of the Suzuki X4. Undeniably, one to play around with, especially when you have one, and you don’t event have to buy a base bike. Second hands are not so heavy on the budget either.

“I am in SG (Singapore) now, and I just thought of a project that has been a year in the making…”

“..I asked my friend Jerwin Castillo to help me build this, so he sourced out the best mechanics and painter that we could find within our town to help us build this…”


“..Could not wait to ride it when i come back home this January…”



“..I have heard and seen cafe racers from friends, as well as on TV and the net, and that is what inspired me to fund for a custom project bike. I really wanted a bike that I know is unique…”

“I am funding the bike while overseas. Some of the parts are even bought from here, like the head/tail lights, because those are hard to find…”




“..My initial plan was supposed to be a Yamaha RS100 because I liked the tank more, but we could not find a good one with a good engine. So we changed to an X4…”








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