Bike Feature: Custom Kawasaki Barako II 175cc by Bim Pasia from Naga



Sleepless Nights of Custom Bike Dreams


“..When I first saw bike builds on the internet, I immediately knew I had to build one for myself. I used to own a Sachs Madass 100cc and a Honda Super Four, but ended up selling them cos’ at that time, it was more convenient for me to just drive a car to work…”




“..I eventually moved to Naga City and saw the abundance of motorcycle riders here, which led me to rekindle my long lost interest with bikes…”




“..After sleepless nights of browsing the net, I stumbled upon’s website, and from there I was able to join FB groups related to bike building. At first, i had my eye on building a Honda TMX 155 but it was already phased out so I went with a Kawasaki Barako II 175cc instead…”




“..Before I bought the bike, I had already purchased parts for the build. Most of the parts were bought from Revolt CyclesBrothers Jon Kevin Yu and Jon Louie Yu were the ones who guided me through the bike building process. The handle bars were fabricated by Wild Custom. The stock grips were replaced by an after market Cafe grips I bought online…”








“..I had them shipped to Naga via courier. Sir Jon Kevin Yu of Revolt Cycles was one of the people who guided me through the bike building process. I took bits and pieces of ideas from their builds and applied them to the design I wanted for my bike…”


“..When I finally got my bike from the dealer, I immediately went to a local bike shop here in Naga (Crabsman Motorcycle Shop). The owner, Albert “Bert” Alimango, is an experienced bike mechanic and has an extensive knowledge in bike building…”




“..So from there, the build transition was easy. It took us two weeks to build the bike. The most tedious part I guess was chopping the rear end of the bike to match the seat that I’ve already bought from Revolt…”




“..The stock headlight was removed and replaced with an RS headlight that I bought for 300 pesos (just sprayed it with Anzhal flat black and tinted the glass with yellow). I used beefy tires for that “Angas” look which I think was appropriate for the Barako name…”


“..I removed the stock speedometer cos’ it was way too big for the front and replaced it with a universal speedo which I ordered from Caloocan. For the gas tank, I had to retain the black color so I decided to put a “Jack Daniels” inspired decal layout which I think went well with the total look…”




“..I placed carbon stripes on the tank body and retained the “Kawasaki Barako” name on the decal cos’ I don’t want people guessing what the base bike is. Finally, Bert fabricated a fibreglass fender that was molded specifically for the tire size. During my stay in the shop, I heard people saying...”mahal siguro ginastos nung may ari nyan”…but what they don’t know is the parts I put on the bike were bought cheap…”


“..I wanted to build a bike that looks expensive but costs way less than what people think. I was just patient enough to look for the parts I wanted as I don’t want to settle for parts that gave me second thoughts…”


“..FB groups like Moto Builds Pilipinas and Cafe Racer Philippines have been helpful for my build and are a good source for tips and ideas. For me, there is no such thing as a “baduy build” kasi every biker has different tastes for their bikes, if you think you have achieved the look you wanted and have that sense of pride and happiness while riding it on that open road…that I think, is priceless…”



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