Bike Feature: ‘Brat-Cafe’ Haojue Hj Cool 150 from Cebu City



What’s cooler than being cool? Strip and convert!

The Haojue HJ Cool 150 relatively known as a Street Sport Bike, given with a bionic cover, efficient and lightweight. Composed with a rocker arm, high capacity air-filter that generates a good torque that gives you all you need for a speed trip.


Quite playful and already enough for fun long rides without doubting the need for speed. Though what makes it to convert? Speed and stance, yep, the owner was quite right to go Brat Cafe. This story was a mind game to give out this beast as a donor, or yet rather use another one.


The mods were quite impressive. Talking about the skill to manufacture and realize a dream bike by force of pure skill and wide imagination. Cebu City has a lot to offer on the Custom Culture engaging and inviting everyone to share this passion.





Encouraged For Conversion


“..This is a Haojue Hj Cool 150 converted to brat cafe. This was made last year July 2015. A brief story of my bike. I just bought the bike for the purpose of using it daily to go to work but then I met Kenneth Agno the owner of Strokers Moto, he was the one who encouraged me to convert the bike into a brat cafe…”




“..I was hesitant at first because there are a lot of naysayers saying that it cant be done because my bike has a new tech kind of look and it would take a lot of work to convert the bike…”


“..I was planning to buy a Honda Tmx 155 and convert it into a cafe, but instead of spending the money to buy another motorcycle and spend again for conversion, I listened to Kenneth Agno’s suggestion and with the help of Strokers Moto, I was the first customer of Strokers Moto that had the bike converted into a brat cafe…”




“..Before my bike was converted, Strokers Moto already had 2 bikes that was converted into a cafe but those bikes are owned by Kenneth Agno and Genesis Solis of Strokers Moto. Basically my motorcycle was the first customer of Strokers Moto that had been converted into a brat cafe. The paint job of the bike was mostly done DIY…”


“..At first a friend helped me out (The mechanic of strokers moto) but then after I was the one who did the paint and I just used a Spray Can. My neighbor also helped me out fabricating the fenders and welding the frame…”




“..A buddy of mine made the stickers so a lot of people really helped me out with this build. It took a while for me to buy a bike because my dream was really to own a cruiser bike or a chopper/bobber, which is kind of hard to achieve. That’s why I wasn’t really expecting to become a part of the cafe culture but all of it was worth it. While saving money to buy my dream bike, for now I’m just gonna enjoy being a part of the Cafe Culture…”





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Words by Maki Aganon