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One of the few to emerge in the previous year, after a rattling expose for custom bike build ‘Ronda Rouser’ for Chris Saavedra, one of the clients who happily walked away from the gates of Garage Monkey Kustoms. Horje Jacinto is one known who takes time and works carefully, without the compromise of art and engineering.


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Never we had seen as passionate, yet works off grid, where he could be found riding elsewhere, truest in form, where living the ride comes much more important than anything else. Emerging from Cainta Rizal, once owning a fleet of vintage ‘Beetles’, it’s quite evident how he gives more value to the community he belongs into. A bike builder who rides more often than building bikes, something he is not so worried about, but understands how important it is to burn gas in exchange for a moving soul on two wheels.

While there are so many talented motorcycle machinist and mechanics in the East of Rizal, Horje is one not to be ‘counted out’, but much rather ‘be set apart’.

Simply, he is just true to what he loves most.  There are no hits that he wanted to compete, but just enough and see to it that he was able to make some people happy, and ride differently.



Horje Jacinto, always would want to work on custom bikes when given all the freedom. He shared us that he wanted to design up according to his will. Following a directive from clients, but not everything. GMK treats every commissioned bikes as artworks without the compromise of time.

Ride more, drink beer, build some, then ride again.



Old School Feel, Reverse Restored


Sticking to how Garage Monkeys Kustom was known to create bikes according to their preferred ‘style’, This Kawasaki Barako 175 was blessed by another life as ”Barak ‘O Bomber’. 





”..Actually dami ko pending now. What’s really nice is, di nagmamadali yung clients kasi commissioned artwork daw. Mas gusto ko sariling kamay ko gumawa. Thats how passionate I am with building, Eh di sana kumuha na ko ng mga tauhan ko. Di pa ko napagod..” shared Horje.





Influenced by vintage elements, GMK utilized parts preferred, inspired with the H-D tank, looped out custom exhaust pipe, locked in with RT tires, if only Fuckstones were available at a time.





First time custom biker Auric dela Cruz left Garage Monkey Kustom the repo-Kawasaki Barako without it being started, while he had to leave to work abroad. With constant exchange of concepts, GMK was given the freedom to ‘chop it down’.




“..Madami naging look yung Barako at first. Still dun parin pumasok yung reverse restoration ng GMK. I wanted to give it that oldschool feel, ‘di pwede mawala yun eh, Lipat tambucho. Shortened seat. Extended the swing arm. Widened rims. Rear set. Custom headlight and headlight grill, almost everything was changed..”







For a garage that fix bikes, and even relationships, these monkeys will always be here and having fun. A factory once now looks really fun to ride and break necks on the road.



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Words by Maki Aganon