Bike Feature: Alchemized Yamaha FZ16 to Brat by Sandro Caipang Jr. from Cebu


The Yamaha FZ16 street machine came in to excite this generation that takes pride with it’s high quality masterpiece, original design and technology that stresses out masculinity through it’s dynamism.

Truly technical as to the rider’s perspective to view its liquid crystal display. Comes with the spacious seat, protected chains and compact front fork. To any motorcycle modern riders, what more can you ask for?


Here in this feature, Sandro Caipang Jr. from Cebu shares us the ‘Alchemized’ conversion of the Yamaha FZ16 to a Classic Brat Custom, as he told us:


“…the feeling of riding has tripled 10x…”


Base Bike


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Actual base bike.



Never Contented


“Never ever contented. After 6 months riding a stock Yamaha FZ16, I have asked Stroker’s Moto to customize my ride. It took 9 days for them to finish and still there’s more work to be done…Never contented…”






“..Initially I was longing for a cafe racer. A single seater. But having long rides with my wife made the change to something ridable together. I am proud to say I have the 1st Yamaha FZ16 “Alchemized” to a Brat, and her name is Lucy..”





“…I hope to give inspiration to other riders that most of the time in life…If you do it with love and passion..Life will be good…”



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