Bike Feature: 3B Custom’s CB400 Super Four Brat from Surigao



Stretching the limits and skills of Philippine Custom Culture, and uniting all custom/classic/vintage bikers all in one event. With over 100+ entries, doubled up from last year, not counting those who couldn’t come from the provinces, it shows how much the community has grown, and will still continue to grow in the future.


As much as we could only wish to see more of the local talents in terms of custom bike building, some of the best non-Manila builders had stepped up their game, started to work on smaller bikes in the beginning, and now, had some chances to lay their hands on bigger bikes. Benjo Sun from Surigao, sadly can’t bring in bikes on show, and as always, we at CafeRacerPh is always proud to share everyone the reveal of 3B Custom’s works of art.



CB400 Super Four Brat


“Built with passion, Crafted by heart. Ride with Pride.”

Benjo Sun is always known as a builder who goes way deep in his bike projects. More that just a build project, he puts in everything. His enthusiasm is contagious, even if it’s a commissioned work, he is really helpful and is open to share all of his inputs, procedures and offers what is best for the project, sometimes even to the extent of going beyond the allotted project budget. He shared us that all headaches are all worth it, after every finished project and a happy client.


“..The build this time is a CB400 Super Four Brat Bike, the client is from Butuan City its about 120 kms away from where I am currently located. I got a private message via Facebook one day, from a would be client. He wanted a bigger cc bike project, I asked if he had a bike already, he said he wanted my help to locate one preferably a 600 or a 400cc…” Shared Benjo Sun.

“..Big displacement bikes are a bit of a rarity in our place, I had a hard time looking for one. A few days had past until I was able to locate one, it was in good shape and just the right price for the condition it’s in…” 




“..So I went ahead and told the buyer so he could meet up with the seller. A few days later we got the bike and I started looking online for the parts to be used. I had a few ideas on what I wanted to do and what parts to put in..”

“..But I found out that its not as easy finding one that would fit and was compatible with the bike. Finding the right parts took us a while. While looking for the parts I already dismantled the bike to see where to cut, what to modify and fabricate…” 





“..On this build I did not tinker much with the engine as it is in running condition when we got it. Only had to replace a few external o-rings and hoses as the old ones were already brittle. What we replaced are the batteries it was already old and there were some corrosion. Replace the tyres to a dual sport type and beefier ones..”




“..Painted the rims black to make the wheels look even bigger. Fabricated new side covers as well. Change the lightings, headlight, tail light and turn signals. Also the change the speedometer to a smaller one, this particular speedo relies on a magnet and not cable, the old one really had to be replaced as it was already busted…”




“..Overall it was a fun build, but also had some headaches along the way. Not much can be said about the bike as the bike really speaks for itself. With its Brutal and Aggressive look and an engine to match. All I can say is it is a real head turner and it makes you look twice or thrice…”






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Words by Maki Aganon