Bike Feature: 1972 Honda K2 Minitrail Custom by Jake Peñaranda from Surigao City



Good this come in small packages.

This is one saying that we sometimes undervalue. The little things that we get could be one of the most valuable things presented right in front of us.


Today we share another ‘Father and Son’ story of bike. One classic ride passed on from one generation to another. It may not be that ‘big‘ in value but if you read on, this can be full of values, especially when inspiring the young ones to kick-start engines and twist throttles.


Mini Restoration


Jake Paloma Peñaranda from Surigao City representing BOOLBS Personalizado Motocicletas or BOOLBS Perso Moto for short, takes full credit for this sentimental restoration.


“This Classic 1972 Honda K2 Minitrail Project started out as a basket case, all I had was an almost rotted out remains of the frame, no engine and that’s about it…”


“This baby served me well as well as my dad before me..”


rotted frame, this all i have as a start


“..The K2 was purchased on September 8, 1972, I started using it regularly from 3rd grade all thru high school and it became my personal ride for a good 10 years…”


me and my k2 in 1973


“..Then it was time for college for me, so since going away, the K2 was back to my dad’s hands but unfortunately, it ended up in our property at the beach where it stood there for the next 20+ years, rotting, rusting and nearly forgotten…but not quiet, this baby has always been in my heart and mind all those years I was away, hoping and dreaming that one day she will be back!!! And, indeed she is back!!!..”




“..The ultimate goal for this project is to restore it back to its former glory and eventually hand it over to my son JP, as my dad and mom did before me. The build is solid, it runs like a dream and the engine purrs like a sweet little kitten…”


“..Total time for the build was close to 4 months, since starting the project, it feels like excitement and despair all wrapped into one, excitement is a given, with a project like this, who wouldn’t get wet pants (smiles) despair, because to start with, I don’t have the slightest idea where to get the parts I needed, but thankfully, there is the internet!..”


DIY Sissy Bar


“…After a month of scouring the web for leads and almost loosing hope, a friend, Jerry Formoso suggested to check SR Project Restorations of Loy Resurreccion for parts and
Caloy Calica for a possible engine, and that’s it, since linking up with Loy, I got all the parts I needed, if classic minis is your thing, this is the guy to talk to, he has a complete inventory of parts and I mean COMPLETE (smiles).
“..Caloy is cool, it was an easy deal, no hang ups whatsoever, considering the distance, Caloy in Nueva Ecija and Me in Surigao City…”


“So, I have the parts, an engine and the drive to start project 01, the K2 is such a breeze to work on, it was light enough to move and carry around my workshop..”




This project , from parts installation/assembly, to engine restoration to concept and paint is all 100% BOOLBS Perso Moto or me (smiles). It has been a long journey for my K2 Minitrail and let me tell you, it is all worth it! (smiles). Not bad for a 44 year old mini bike..”


Me in 1973 and my sonJP in 2015

Jake in 1973 and his son, JP in 2015.

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