Khal Drogo’s Custom Motorcycle


It is the storm season and what good ways to take advantage of staying comfy at home, sipping hot beverage, watching TV series and movies. And speaking of which, we recently just found out, Game of Thrones’ Khal Drogo is set to invade Manila. Yes, ladies, you heard that right.

Who would have thought TV and film actor Jason Momoa, the Dothraki war lord, is also into the custom motorcycle scene and made a full-length film out of it.


Yup, still bad-ass rocking that wild Custom Bike made by Love Cycles, based in Phoeniz, AZ.



“I’ve had that bike since I was nineteen, it’s the first thing I ever bought.” ~Jason Momoa



He named the bike “Mabel” for his grandmother.  The bike features a ‘56 pan with a ‘48 springer front end, a Model “A” back fender, Buick tail light, vintage cop’s light on front, internal throttle and a custom tank.

Check out the trailer below:

To know more about the custom bike visit and Love Cycles