Lanuza Surfdreams 2016 Surf x Moto


Summer season is fast approaching and what better, and yet different ways to enjoy the summer sun is going out on a surf trip with your friends and families. Hit Cebu up, Lanuza one destination to rip out the busy streets of Manila for some good local vibe and fresh clean breeze from the sea.


This video features the RVLT 08, the Honda XL125 moto surf custom bike built by none other than Revolt Cycles from Cebu.

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Revolt Cycles, DriftwoodLocal Ent, together with Aframe Surf Company acknowledged the beauty of Lanuza during its Surf Festival. From Manila to Cebu to Tandag City, a 45 minute land trip is all you need to be in this haven for surfing. For your awaited summer, Aframe Surf Company will be having a surf clinic in Lanuza, March 29 – April 3.


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Credits for the full epic video: Joseph Klif Cepeda



Registration is on-going!


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