Wheels & Waves x Loser Machine



This video inspired us to continue what we love, leaving some rubber trails on the pavement and just search the most awesome mountain- side road in the country.

  • Shot & Edited by Douglas Guillot (18-55.fr)
  • Produced by Greendog Distribution
  • Music by Yussuf Jerusalem (bornbadrecords.net/artists/yussuf-jerusalem/)
  • Photography by Benoit Guerry (guerrypratimages.com/home.html)
  • additional film shots by Juan Lagarrigue (jromero.fr) & Sarah Arnould (saraharnould.tumblr.com)
  • Graphic Design by Steven Burke (stevenburke.blogspot.fr)
  • Support by Loser Machine (losermachine.com)
  • Southsiders Mc (southsiders-mc.blogspot.fr/)
  • Bixente Moto (bixentemoto.com/)