Unveiling the New Ducati XDiavel. Are You Ready to Change Position?


Style, comfort and speed, that’s what the new Ducati XDiavel stands out for. The Ducati XDiavel is another big step for the Brand from Bologna, deviating from its true origin of superbikes and combining the slick style, comfort and speed to its new cruiser lines. The XDiavel pushes further into the territory first pioneered by the Ducati Diavel, and hopes to give cruiser enthusiasts a design that speaks a little bit more of their usual outtakes.


Last November 3, 2016, the most awaited unveiling of Ducati’s new line of super bike, the XDiavel which is a predecessor of the popular Diavel, was held at Brotzeit in Shangri-la Plaza. With overflowing beer and sausage platters, the XDiavel was welcomed by Ducatistas and media personalities.



We heard a lot about this beast as it was launched globally this year. Unfamiliar numbers were mentioned in what we call a torergogeometric algorithm ( if there’s such a word) for Xdiavel, 5000, 60 and 40 are. 5000 being the number where the engine puts out peak torque, 60 being the amount of different fit options (seats, bars, foot peg positions…), and 40 being the maximum degrees of lean angle.

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The new XDiavel breaches the world of cruisers with Ducati values, merging concepts that apparently stand worlds apart. Traveling and relaxing to the comfort of forward controls combines with the performance and handling of a real Ducati. The new Ducati Testastretta DVT 1262 engine reconciles the two different personalities of the XDiavel, ensuring superbike muscle and a flat torque curve from the low rev range upwards.

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 According to Mr. Toti Alberto, President of Ducati Philippines, “This new XDiavel is a real cruiser with forward control meaning your feet is forward right unlike the old Diavel which we consider as a sports cruiser. So with this new XDiavel, we hope to get more traditional cruiser riders.”

Mr. Toti Alberto and his beautiful wife.
Mr. Toti Alberto and family together with the Ducati Philippines team.

The XDiavel is Ducati’s interpretation of a full-out cruiser motorcycle with forward controls, belt drive, 240mm wide rear tire, and all.

Here’s the specs:

-Testastretta L-Twin
-Desmodromic Variable Valve Timing DVT 1262
-Dual Spark Plug per cyl
-LC 1,262cc
-156 bhp
-56mm throttle body, full ride-by-wire system

-Belt Driven
-6 speed tranny
-220kg dry
-18L fuel capacity
-Front 120/70 ZR17
-Rear 240/45 ZR17
-Double disc Brembo M4-32 Radial Calipers

-Ducati Traction Control
-Power Launch Control
-Hands Free Cruise Control
-LED Lighting
-Backlit Handlebar switches
-Keyless ignition

-Euro 4

SRP- P1.57M

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