Type & Style: Choosing Your Custom Motorcycle



Your Purpose to Ride

This is one of the major things to consider when you want to start building our own custom bike. The custom scene has emerged, evolved and gave new concepts that vary. Don’t be confused, especially here in our country, while a lot have been gathering the same enthusiasm but has to learn and start somewhere.


A custom motorcycle is not necessarily a ‘Cafe Racer’, according to various sources online, each and every type is provided for a purpose, following the standards of motorcycle engineering.


Disclaimer: We address each and every type and styles to fit your everyday riding purpose for pleasure. We won’t dig in too deep, but we present to the extent of our knowledge to define each type, while we show some for each, made by our local builders.



1. Café Racer

Evidently is one of the most popular type of motorcycle emerging from the custom scene. Particular as a road bike, Café Racer is identified to adapt emphasis on aerodynamics, inspired by racing, with knee-dents, seat cowls, and ace bars, particular for speed and fast cornering.



Photo courtesy of Revolt Cycles (Cebu)


2. Bobber

A slanting chasis with less rear suspension and a stance that gives good straight line power should be best for you if you want a commanding presence and striking attitude. Identified to have a short rear fender with removed parts to reduce weight.



Photo courtesy of Seventysix Customs (Angeles)


3. Chopper

Bold and eccentric features rolled into a personalized package. Identified to have extreme long forks called ‘ape-hangers’ with small front wheels, and bigger back wheels. More often than not, painted with colorful patterns and murals for the aesthetic wild sense.



Photo courtesy of Anghel Ng Lansangan (Caloocan)


4. Scrambler

Hill-climbers or classic off-road bikes that take on any terrain. Given the identity for adventure and explore. With high re-enforced handle bars, with high suspensions for bumps and jumps. Often provided high-suspensions and bigger off-road back wheels.



Built by Kratos Custom Cycles (Makati)


5. Trackers

Or known as Flat/Street Trackers  made to adapt new needs for dirt and semi-rough roads inspired to travel lighter and faster. Seen with flat raised seats, stripped back for racing, raised bars for bumps, integrated with dual sport tires.



Photo courtesy of Tokwa Party Garage (Pateros)


6. Street Cubs

A moped variation of the classic Honda Super Cubs. Smaller displacement bikes not meant to race but to ride slow, and with style. Classified as a ‘bobbed’ Super Cub with stripped fairings, lowered suspensions with various applications for the handlebars.



Photo courtesy of Mark Berroya


So have you decided where to begin? Starting your own project bike requires a lot of research and responsibility, while there are wide useful tips provided online and within the community. The basic foundation of having custom bikes understand the process, purpose and values attributed to each bike styles.


There are some types of mixes that bend the aesthetic code. See there is no limitation to expand and explore the norms of custom bikes whatever would best correspond to your needs.


More emerging custom bike types are produced while fusing modern and classic styles, overlapping types for purposes of original aesthetics. Whether for show or for usage, how high or how low you seat on the foamed frame, or how fast or how slow you go, there will always be a style fit for you. No matter what you ride, as long as you ride.





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Words by Maki Aganon

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