Nope, this is not a dark, mythical bedtime story.

And if it was, it could have been either a grunge story of a rock band with food fetishes or a horrifying trip to the underground world, exploring flaming monsters and their ‘monsterous’ yet cautious eating habits. Good thing this article is not about those weird stuff! Cause we’re talking about a new bike build from one of the top customizers in the Philippines: Tokwa Party Garage!


They say that customizing motorcycle is a form of art. If that so, this build will definitely attest to that saying! Jerish Abac, head of this “soy-based” custom garage located in Pateros, Manila, shared to CRPH their newest build for a client that had a great vision for its design. Using a pre-loved Honda XR200 as the base bike, they transformed a typical off-road bike into a piece of art that can now be considered a modern classic for street trackers.

Jerish gave us an opportunity to ask him for details of their new creation: The Diablo.”


“Since day one, nothing much has changed,” Jerish answered, when asked how is Tokwa Party Garage now compared to the day they started building motorcycles.

“Every time we finish a project, we continue to celebrate our successes by drinking beer and partnered it with tofu, as part of our tradition. We’re still thankful to all of our clients that continue to support us and believe in our service.”

He also shared how the project began and how it started.


“One day, a friend of ours came by at the shop. He told us that he referred our garage, Tokwa Party, to his friend who was interested in customizing his bike. He wanted to turn his Honda XR200 into a scrambler build. We met the owner and talked about the design. After agreeing upon the final details of the project, we immediately started working on it.”


The plan was simple; to turn this bike into a great looking scrambler.” Jerish started to narrate about the design. “Change the tires, modify the exhaust pipe, change the gas tank and give it a new paint job. It was a bit of a challenge, at first. But as we went along the process, the stress turned into excitement.”


“Little by little, the project began to gain its momentum and eventually started to progress. Once in a while, we needed to look out for some adjustments, but nonetheless, everything was executed as planned. This build wasn’t easy though!”

Jerish added a few more details about the build’s process while keeping the garage’s ‘secret ingredients’ at bay.

Photo from Tokwa Party Garage Facebook page.

“We cleaned everything up to the last screw. And when we were done doing the cosmetics, we tested the bike for a couple of times to make sure its on perfect running condition. The rest of the process will remain as our garage’s ‘trade secrets.'”

Photo from Tokwa Party Garage Facebook page.

The details on the gas tank was hand-painted by the owner of the bike, Wham Be Nimble himself.”

We asked Jerish what’s next for Tokwa Party Garage and if they have plans to join some of the upcoming events in the scene, in example, the Motobuilds 2017 happening in April.

“First thing we want to do is upgrade our tools, which is crucial for our service. The next thing we are focusing on is our aim; to consistently improved the quality of service that we provide for each client’s project. And yes, we are planning to join this year’s Motobuild event. We already started working on our bike project for our entry. We hope they would like it.”


Tokwa Party Garage has been able to sustain their company’s claim as one of the most efficient builders in the community today. Full of craftiness and effective with each build they can get hands on. Great job on another well-executed bike project, Tokwa Party Garage!


(Photos c/o BJ Tangco and Tokwa Party Garage)

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