The New Yamaha XSR 155- A Neo-Retro Designed Small Displacement Bike

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So the rumors are true, the new XSR 155 from Yamaha will soon be available in the Philippines for an SRP of PhP162,000. Slow clap for Yamaha, slow clap…

The XSR 155 is an entry-level motorcycle that is positioned under Yamaha’s sports heritage category. Although we’ve predicted this move by Yamaha couple of years ago, we’re glad that Yamaha listened to the motorcycle community by releasing this neo-retrofilled Japanese steed, perfect for your day to day commute and Sunday cafe rides without shedding out so much for gas money because of its 155.1cc liquid-cooled engine. Also it has a six-speed gearbox so you will not experience those “Kaya pa ng isang gear” moment when you’re testing out its max top speed.

The fuel tank’s capacity is 10 liters, which we doubt you’ll be stopping by at a gas station not so more often. It also has a front and rear disc brakes. Walang ABS kaya wag ka nang umasa.

The XSR 155 may take its styling inspiration from retro motorcycle but has all the modern ingredients to keep its followers salivating. The XSR 155 features a full LED headlamp, a digital instrument cluster, a full LED taillamp and an inverted fork to make it more retro and macho looking at the same time.

This all-new naked bike from Yamaha was launched in Thailand in August last year and was released in Indonesia in December. Since then many rider communities including the Yamaha fanatics here in the Philippines have been waiting for its availability in the local market.

We’ve seen some custom builds using the XSR 155 as their base bike like this APOCALYPSE bike by K-Speed from Thailand.

Yamaha Thailand commissioned K-Speed to transform a new XSR155 into something that’s worth your buck. We will dwell on this custom bike feature soon.

According to,  the new XSR 155 from Yamaha will soon be available for an SRP of PhP162,000.