The Marsyal Law Story: Yamaha STX 125 Cafe Racer by Denmark Fernandez Bulan



Small displacement bikes are ideal day to day work horse with style. Now, the trend of customizing 100cc to 200cc bikes or “PANTRAS” is at its peak. More and more backyard builders are building their dream bikes from scratch, learning the basic fundamentals of customizing your own bike.

We came across this minimalistic Yamaha STX 125 turned to Cafe Racer by Denmark Fernandez Bulan. Denmark, hailing from Koronadal City, South Cotabato, SOCCSKSARGEN is a self-motivated graphic designer, photographer, videographer, and video editor. He owns the Embrio Multimedia Productions – a multimedia production company in Mindanao. A Volkswagen Enthusiast and a lover of classic bikes and vintage stuff.


The Marsyal Law Story

“The bike was bought in 2010 by my older brother, put a sidecar in it and used as tricycle as means of livelihood and sometimes for drag racing; it was a trend in our city back then.”


‘A year after he acquired his Raider 150, sold the sidecar, and leaving the old bike lying around.”

“I was in Manila in 2011 where I branch out my clothing business. It was when I got involve actively to the Volkswagen Community, joining the bug runs and the different activities. It was also when my love for classic and custom-built bike deepened since most of my colleagues in the Volkswagen club also owned classic, vintage or custom-built motorcycles.”

“When I got back home on 2013, I decided to start modifying the Yamaha STX, which was then covered by dust and couldn’t run, parts missing, and engine was stuck. So we started the rebuilding of the bike, bringing it to his friends who has the tools and know how to cut, wield and do basic fabrication.”


“Then my brother and his colleagues in the Raider’s Club did the repainting and assembly.”


“So the bike was done but I wasn’t really satisfied to how it looks, the seat was not how I want it to look, and the tires seems not to fit the overall look of the bike. But I still ride it, since I must ride what I’ve built, even if it’s bumpy because of I don’t know why.

Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 3.23.23 PM

After few months of riding it, I got busy with my new business. Most of the time I am out of town, and I am driving my car. So the bike was again left aside for almost a year.

Until recently I went to Thailand where I got inspired with the bikes I’ve seen plus the growing community of bike building in Metro Manila where I am able to see personally during the recently concluded Moto Builds 2017.


“Now that I have the ideas again, I decided to bring the bike back to the road where it should be. The challenge however is that we do not know someone here in our place who can do the job right and on time, since there are only few good builders here in our place, they are loaded with ongoing projects and most of them are specializing in making of sidecars. Left with no choice, my older brother and I built the bike all by ourselves.”

“We looked for inspirations from FB groups such as Moto Builds Pilipinas, Café Racer Manila, asked some members who eventually becomes a friend, and bought parts and accessories from the various trusted sellers online. I could say that the FB groups are a big help in this project.”



“Now with the name of the build, I called it “Marsyal” since we started the build few days after the declaration of Martial Law in Mindanao, where our City is located. It will be a remembrance of this time of war here in Mindanao.”

20273674_10208948388936531_2143352055_o“With the success of this build we are now planning to purchase equipments needed for fabrications and bike building. Many in our city have seen our bike and now they are interested into turning their bikes into classic/retro look. This build opens the door to start the Crown City Customs.”

It’s really an encouragement for us to hear good story like this one. it fuels us to continue our passion in sharing backyard builders’ work across the archipelago. Kudos to Mr. Denmark for a job well done and good luck to your new custom bike build ventures.

Want to know more about Crown City Customs? Ask Denmark about it. Send him a message on Facebook,