In the middle of Las Piñas city, bike builders and riders, music-lovers and great musicians alike gathered at The Quarry Beer Garden for the first Don Pacquing Night. A special bike night hosted by Sandwich drummer Mike Dizon together with his friends from the The Quarry on a steady Wednesday evening.

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A fusion of music and machine. The event featured a handful of talented custom garages that South of the Metro can offer. Distinguished rock bands such as Sandwich, Imago, Ely Buendia and other bands performed their raddest music as moto pundits and authorities surveyed each personalized bikes.


The bike night turned the place into a motorcycle exhibition. Cafe racers, street trackers, cruiser bikes and classic scooters were displayed by different custom garages. The continuous growth of the custom bike scene is evident that night, but the crowd we’re filled with much familiar faces that represent the scene.

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One of the highlights of the Don Pacquing Night was the unveiling of the latest bike project by a prominent bike builder from the South. Jonathan Van Haute, the main man and the ‘crazy brain’ of Fart Monkeez Garage collaborated with well-known musician and extreme sports aficionado, Raymund Marasigan of Sandwich. Together they exhibited their brand new creation; a modified Kawasaki Boxer street tracker. Raymund baptized it as the Boxer Rebellion”.

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In the middle of their set, Raymund shared to the crowd how it all started. That it was in deed his friend and bandmate Mike Dizon that inspired him in creating his first street tracker. Along with Jonathan Van Haute’s creative efforts, they built this sleek bike that suited Raymund’s taste of elegance and simplicity.  A longboard skater and a downhill bicycle hobbyist, Raymund now plans to explore the messyadventure-driven and never-a-dull-moment world of custom-bike building.

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After the immersive set of Sandwich, Mike Dizon introduced the screening of their short documentary film “The Deadly Six: Revelation Road”. The film shares the journey of the “The Deadly Six”. An exclusive bike gang that travelled up into the Northern part of Luzon and spent almost a week on the road.

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Jonathan Van Haute shared to CRP that the members of the group wished for some exclusivity, but they were kind enough to give their aliases. They are “Mang Mar”, “Mang Bert”, “Mang Nico”, “Mang JP”, “Mang Jun” and “Mang David”.

IMG_4495 (Ely Scrambler)Later that night, Ely Buendia exhibited his own Ducati Scrambler at the venue. Of course, everyone was excited to take pictures of not only him, but also of his two-wheeled premium vector. Ely mounted the stage with Apartel band and played the grooviest OPM music to date.

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The Don Pacquing Night was a one-of-a-kind bike event that is highly cultivating and inspiring. We hope to see you all next time when ‘Don Pacquing’ hosts another greasy night.

[Watch the full highlights video of this awesome bike night, here.]


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