The Droshky Skate Tracker- Honda TMX 125


This build definitely suits the owner’s love for skateboarding. Ewart Shapefir, owner of Droshky Skateshop asked our friends at Waves and Pavement co. to built him an economical yet powerful bike that is capable of traversing rivers and muddy rough roads to search for a perfect pavement designed to funnel some floods in the provinces. Ditches baby, ditches!


Using Honda TMX is a well known small displacement motorcycle often used as a work horse for daily commuters in Manila and provinces across the country.


Using TMX as a base bike was the perfect two wheeled companion for Ewart. It’s light and  it has a powerful torque. This bike is definitely tried and tested.



Waves and Pavement guys maintained some stock parts of the bike including the tank, front shocks and gauge. It also has a skateboard rack and surfboard rack.


Small displacement bikes are awesome. Now if you’re planning to start building your own bike, try to consider small displacement bikes, they are easy to maintain, easy to handle and fuel efficient.

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