The Biker Build Off at Moto Builds Pilipinas 2017



A culmination of the best custom bike builds in the country, the Moto Builds Pilipinas 2017 was set to be a historical motorcycle event generally focused on the ingenuity and creative aspect of custom bike building.

Jorge Jacinto bagged this year’s Moto Builds Pilipinas Bike Build Off

Local bike builders Jorge Jacinto of Garage Monkey Customs, Johnnie Zerna of Johnnie Lightning Custom Shop, Symon Cantos of Iron Macchina Customs, Ryan Olbis of Temi’s Workshop and Benjo Sun of 3B Customs from Surigao managed to deal with time constraint, creating a two- wheeled masterpiece in just 1 month using Yamaha SZ 150 as its base bike for the build. The theme this year for the bike build off is “chopper.”

Garage Monkey Customs

Garage Monkey Customs! 2017 Bike Build off winner.

“I almost quit during the build process,” says Jorge Jacinto. “I know our friend Mick is there guiding us during this stressful times and this bike is dedicated to our fallen friend.” Jacinto added.



This year’s bike build off winner Garage Monkey Customs!



Firing it up literally with its custom mortar shell pipe and some raw pounded copper knuckle kickstart gave the bike a distict chopper attitude.




The bike build is dedicated to their fallen friend Mick Ison who passed away last year. It fueled Jorge Jacinto’s passion to create a chopper build that represents Garage Monkey’s style, that raw and rustic looking bike.

Iron Macchina Customs


I’ve know Symon, the owner of Iron Macchina for quite a while. He is a pro- wakeboarder and also an avid motorcycle junkie. Being new in the custom motorcycle scene adds up to the challenge on how they will prove their garage’s capabilities in turning an everyday commute stock bike in to a priceless piece of two-wheel art.

Symon’s team worked hard for this bike. ” We had countless of sleepless night just to finish this build,” says Symon during an interview. That clean look finish, that’s the trademark of Iron Macchina’s work, and that wooden seat, it’s a thing of beauty for your behind.







Johnny Lightning Custom shop


“It’s a Mexican bike concept,” says Johnny. That fire red paint on the bike and a touch of metal finish on the tank gave that hombre attitude on the build” Johnny Lightning added.

For us, this red and gold concept gave a distinct feature of Tony Starks’ Iron Man suit at a first glance. But if you will scrutinize the details you will surely feel that Mexican vibe that comes with it.  Johnny Lightning’s bike build concept was a stand out when it comes to detailed paint finish and some metal works on the tank.





Temi’s Workshop


Simple yet it boast a pure chopper attitude for the build off’s theme. Ryan Olbis’ build was in for a head to head battle against Garage Monkeys chopper. The white body paint and pinstripe design, the Temi’s chopper became one of the crowd’s favorites during the build off revelation. Although it went from five builders to a one on one duel, still it was an exciting match up and everyone deserves the best appreciation for their creation.







3B Customs Surigao


Eyes on the prize. This one of kind build and maybe first in the Philippines ( We don’t claim it to be) and might be the cherry on top when it comes to a perfectly engineered design which shocked the spectators during the Moto Builds Pilipinas 2017. It’s clean, slick and spokeless/hubless, yes that’s right and it has holes in it, lot’s of it. Benjo Sun’s design ushered a new level of engineering madness in his bike build entry. The hubless wheels was originally conceptualized 2 years ago when we visited Benjo in Surigao. He said, ” I will build this hubless wheel whenever I will join the Build off challenge, and he did and it works! Yup we tested it after the event and it runs smooth as an ordinary motorcycle.

“This bike was quite a challenge given that we only have 3 weeks to build it plus the transportation madness from port to port then transport it to the event venue. Lots of hassle but its all worth it,” says Benjo Sun.






“My cousin who is an engineer helped me do the math for the right calculations on the hubless rim. The rest was build in our garage together with my crew who worked passionately day and night. It’s an honor for us to be part of Moto Build Pilipinas. Although we’re from down south of the Philippines with limited resources, we’re just so happy that we pull it through and we’re here in the biggest custom bike festivity in the Philippines.” Says Benjo Sun.

Filipino craftsmanship when it comes to custom bike building is truly a world class skill. This event, the Moto Builds Pilipinas who was conceptualized by Mr. Zach Lucero, a musician and an avid biker gave enough exposure to some of the best and never heard of talents that our country can be proud of. Til the next Moto Builds Pilipinas!