Have you ever thought of combining two of your favorite things, creating a new way to experience old habits and boring routines? For example, dipping your fries on a hot fudge sundae while watching your favorite movie. Or mashing two of your favorite dish that introduces you to new array of flavors. If you have this kind of experimental appetite, then you would definitely want to meet Benjo Sun of 3B Customs and his latest bike build for his recent client. A professional surfer and moto enthusiast, the surfer-entrepreneur of La Union, Mr. Luke Landrigan.



His family name is pronounced as ‘soon’. And it was in the middle of 2015 when CRPH started featuring this passionate builder based in Surigao city. Benjo Sun is one insanely creative bike builder. Every time he accepts new bike projects from his clients, his sites are aimed at the center of it. He has the gift of customizing motorbikes and turning them into gorgeous, two-wheeled greasy art. And if you are a local in Benjo’s town, you can’t help but notice his ‘work’ roaming around the streets as it waves the flag of this uprising garage. The 3B Customs.

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There are different ways and purposes of using and owning a motorbike. It varies depending on who the owner is. Whether its a sport bike intended for track racing or a cruiser bike for long rides, the potentials of this modular vehicle are limitless in regards to how it can deliver as a great aid to its owner’s chosen sport or lifestyle.


And speaking of which, Luke Landrigan’s lifestyle is one you can’t simply define as “active”. A professional surfer and instructor, Luke started surfing since he’s 8 years old. Bagging awards from competitions here and there, this Australian-Filipino athlete is always mobile. When he’s not busy running his resort in La Union, you won’t easily find this guy hanging around. For Luke is definitely out somewhere searching for a new swell to carve. Or even when he’s just doing his daily routine, Luke’s motorbike acts as his best companion in his activities. His passion for motorbikes started from his father. Luke briefly shared to CRPH how his enthusiasm for bikes began.


At the age of 7 years old, my dad had a motorbike. And it was our only mode of transportation because we didn’t have enough money for a car. So I became used to riding motorbikes. Then, at 18 years old my dad bought me my first scooter. And that’s where it all started!”

Luke often travels to different surfing spots in the Philippines. And on his recent trip to the Siargao island, Luke initiated a new bike project and collaborated with a local garage.


I wanted a bike that I can ride anywhere. Sand, dirt road and cemented road. Then my friend sold me his bike. A HONDA XR200. So I got it and looked for a builder who was in the area which was in Surigao. The bike that I bought came from Siargao island.”



This is where Benjo Sun of 3B Customs entered the picture. Benjo shared to CRPH his experience in collaborating with Luke Landrigan.

It was a day like any other, I was working on a client’s bike when my phone rang. My hands were too dirty at the time that I wasn’t able to answer the call, it was followed by a text message saying: ‘Bro good day this is Luke Landrigan. You busy? Can I call?’ Something like that. I cant actually remember every word. So I called him back. We talked and he said he bought a bike in Siargao that he wanted me to work on. It was a Honda XR 200 and it was going to be a scrambler build. With white tank and brown leather seats.”


“I sent him some few designs and we settled on the details. I got the bike via ‘ro-ro’ from the island after a few days. The bike was in decent shape. It had a good running engine that only needed some tuning. It already had an aftermarket open pipe. Overall, it looked and sounded good but it had a busted front suspension. The rear mono shock was not for an XR but for a Raider 150 which was also busted. Needless to say, the bike was bouncy as hell. Hahaha.”


During the tear down, I noticed that although the engine was in good contion, I couldn’t say the same for the frame. It was the exact opposite, the frame was rotting and had rust on some parts. Luckily, most of the rust and rot were on the rear section of the frame, the part that we also had to cut off. Other than that, some parts of the frame only required a few quick fix.”


First thing we changed was the rear suspension, and change the front fork seals. After that, we got proper sized rims and tyres. Now that I had the proper stance that I was aiming for, it was time to cut the frame. Fabricate the fender, the side covers, the headlight shroud, leg heat shield, skid plate and change the gas tank. We also changed the lightings, turn signals, head light and tail light. We made a custom surf board rack that was custom leather wrapped and hand sewn. Also, we redid the seat. And like our previous builds, we made a custom leather grip that matches with the seat.”




“Over all the bike build process went okay without a hitch.”


“When the project was done, Luke visited the garage to see the final look of his bike. I was glad that he liked the bike so much, he decided to bring it home with him to La Union! This is the our first bike build that is going to Luzon. Wooohooo!”


It was another successful build for Benjo Sun and his crew from 3B Customs garage. We hope to see you and your crew again on our next trip to Surigao and Siargao Island. And for Mr. Luke Landrigan, should we be seeing you on the road or on water? At this point, perhaps BOTH?


(Photos c/o Luke Landrigan and Benjo Sun.)

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