RUSI Classic 250 Brat with A Different Kind of Brew


We came across this well crafted motorcycle while browsing for some unique builds at Moto Builds Pilipinas Facebook Group and we stumbled upon this stand out Rusi Classic by Emman Abatayo from Ilo-ilo City.


I do admit that I was looking for a significant clue if what was the base bike used in this build. Really, you’ll never know at first glance then you’ll be surprised that the base bike of this tamed iron beast is a Rusi Classic 250. Yes, RUSI Motorcycles, a popular local brand of motorcycle that was founded in Dumaguete City that is proudly Filipino owned.


Ramas-Uypitching Sons, Inc. (RUSI), was established in 1954 as a hardware and automotive store in downtown Dumaguete, RUSI had its humble beginnings as a shoe repair and junk shop that collected scrap metals and abandoned vehicles after World War II. This entrepreneurial spirit — a legacy bequeathed by the company’s patriarch and founder Nicanor Ramas – Uypitching — also serves as the family’s testament to how they overcame those early years of poverty and extreme hardship through sheer hard work, perseverance and strong determination.

RUSI’s flagship rides, the Classic 250.

Nicanor’s three older sons — JoseSegundo, and Antonio — continued operating the business after their father’s demise in 1967. Vowing to “never forget where we came from in order to remind us of who we are and where we want to be,” the brothers have made sure that family members are constantly reminded of their modest origins so that they remain motivated by the same spirit of industry and resolve in continuously improving their lives.

In 1987, a pivotal incorporation by the 4th son, Nicolas, reorganized and paved the way for its growth nationwide as Ramas-Uypitching Sons, Inc. (RUSI) led by grandson, Ernesto. With its focus on Filipino-branded RAM cycles, RUSI has since maintained its position as market leader in the region.

Today, RUSI remains first and foremost a family business where each member is an integral part of a unified whole. This strong family culture has helped the company grow and nurture employees toward a shared vision of corporate excellence through discipline, dedication and diligence. It believes in personal responsibility and holds accountability in high regard, recognizing and rewarding exceptional performance – thus bringing real progress to people.

So this custom bike feature is our last hoorah for 2017, and we’re glad that Mr. Emman Abatayo, gave us the opportunity to feature his ride.


When we asked Mr. Abatayo what inspired him to build his Classic 250 and make it a stand out day to day ride he said, “I follow Cafe Racer Philippines Page, ang lupit ng nga build. Kaya na inspire ako. And noon ko pa talaga gusto magkaroon ng Cafe Racer. Nag start ako sa Classic 250 kasi madali lang e-build, at marami ka magagawang ideas from Brat to Scrambler Cafe.”


“Nung una nag hesitate ako sa rusi. Kasi my first bike is kawasaki. Pero nung tinry ko performance ng classic ok naman pala. Makina, handling, at performance wala akong problema. Kahit long ride.”


Overall this bike highlights class and aesthetics. In terms of performance, some said that the engine is good and can handle battering long rides. We’ve already seen a stock RUSI Classic, and we were able to ride one as well. Kudos to Mr. Abatayo for making this ride a stand out!


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Specifications- RUSI Classic


Engine:                               223cc 4 strokes

Compression ratio:          9. 0: 1

Cool:                                   Oil Cooler

Start system:                    Motor starter



Front brake:                     Twin Disk Brake

Rear brake:                      Disk Brake

Shock absorber:             UP SIDE DOWN

Rear shock:                    Double Rear Shock YSS

Front tire:                       Vee Rubber 4.00 ”

Rear tires:                      Vee Rubber 4.50 ”



Width x length x height:                750 x 2,010 x 1,000 mm.

Height from floor to seat:              790 mm.

Between front wheel – rear:         1,340 mm.

Weight:                                            135 kg.



Headlight:                                     12V 25 / 25W

Back light:                                    LED