New Breed: Fart Monkeez Garage on the Rise


In the recently concluded Radio Republic Moto Builds Build off, Fart Monkeez Garage was one of the chosen builder for the build off. And the finished product is an amazing rideable custom.


Jonathan Van Haute is Fart Monkeez garage. He is a one man building team. Athan, as he is fondly called by friends is actually an organic farmer. (please check out his site


Building bikes is just a hobby for him, that is until people saw his bikes on the road. Now, people come to him to revive forgotten bikes of the past, giving them new life and purpose.

A departure from Ratty Custom bikes that Fart Monkeez build, this one is a clean custom.


Jonathan’s bikes caught the attention of Imago’s guitarist Zach Lucero and he was so impressed that when drafting builders for Radio Republic Moto-builds show, he included Fart Monkees on the short list of builders that would be called up to build bikes for the show.


Personally, I wouldn’t have second thoughts about taking it for a long ride. North loop anyone?

“Zach included me in a group message, that included Hardcore Brothers, Kratos Custom, Laguna Choppers, and Anghel ng Lansangan. He asked us if we would like to join in a build off. I confirmed right away, because I just love building bikes. It didn’t matter if I win or lose, I just love bikes and to be on the same “Stage” as the builders that I would be completing against is an absolute honor.”

Ropali provided 5 repossesed “Pantra” bikes for the build off. All these bikes are below 150cc. Out of the lottery, Fart Monkees got Kawasaki Bajaj 150cc Boxer. They were given a month to finish the build.

Jonathan can be a little crazy, but when it comes to building, he is all business. Jonathan just took just a few days to tear down the bike. Staring on the naked frame he decided on the following:

1. People from a wide range of height should be able to ride it comfortably.

2. He decided to limit his budget for the build.

3. Easy to fix and maintain.

4. Color of choice for this build is white, a departure from his usual ratty builds

5. Appearance of the bike should not be too far off from the base bike. He was considering the attention the authorities may give the bike if the bike will be “unrecognizable”

So, with all that considerations, he started the build. In less than 2 weeks he is done. The bike will spend a few more days for paint.

He installed a mono shock rear suspension system, flat custom seat. Inverted the handle bar for a more streamline riding position. He recycled an old RS100 exhaust pipe to give it a macho exhaust note. And the result, probably in record time, is a really clean, rideable custom.

Athan just proved again that you don’t need tons of money to ride a real badass custom bike and that you can have fun while building it. Kudos to Fart Monkeez Garage for a very pinoy take on the local custom scene.